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How to Organize a Spring Sale for Your Small Business

Retail and small businesses love the Christmas holiday shopping season, but there is often a need to hold a spring sale as, predictably, sales drop off in the winter months that follow Christmas.

The spring season brings with it a great opportunity for retail and small businesses to make up for the slow season that precedes it, especially since it includes holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These are key shopping periods for retailers that help boost their sales heading into the summer.

The key, of course, is implementing the right marketing strategies so you can clear your inventory and boost your sales with a spring sale.

15 Marketing Ideas for Your Spring Sale

Below are some tips for how you can bring attention to your retail store by holding a spring sale. Of course, not all of these will be relevant to your business, as each business is a little different from every other. As such, it’s best to pick and choose one or more of the following marketing tips and then customize them to what works best for your business.

1.  Hold a spring cleaning sale

Want a way to clear some winter inventory to make room for spring items? Create a catchy and memorable sale titled something along the lines of “spring cleaning,” and then discount your winter items. The name of the sale will ring true with buyers, and you’ll likely be able to clear out some winter items you don’t want to hang onto until next winter.

2. Make your store look like spring

Once you have cleaned out your store of its winter inventory, it’s time to re-decorate. In addition to obviously putting out springtime merchandise, you should spruce up your store with bright spring-like colors. Make the store bright. Incorporate pastel colors, and design your window boxes and other displays to get shoppers in the mindset of spring.

3. Refresh your online look, too

Don’t forget about your online presence, either. While you’re freshening up your store, do the same to your website, by integrating spring colors and maybe a whole new look. When it comes to the written content, try to play around words and themes related to expressions about growth, blooming, seeding, etc.

4. Get outside

One of the best things about spring, especially for those in colder climates, is the return of nice weather. A great way to take advantage of this for your retail store is to get outside – literally. Consider hosting a sidewalk sale, where you bring a table and some displays outside your store and welcome passerby to enjoy the weather as well while they shop.

5. Offer tax incentives

Springtime is also synonymous with tax filing season. Incentivize people to use some of their tax refunds at your store by offering tax-season perks or promotions. A spring sale that incorporates coupons that are good on, or until, tax day (April 15, normally) would be also a good way to bring people into your store.

6. Hold a spring contest

Who doesn’t love winning things? A great way to boost sales is to actually give something away for free. One example would be to hold a “guess how many jelly beans are in the jar” contest. You could promote on social media that you’re giving away a $25 gift certificate to your store for the person who guesses as close to the actual number of jelly beans you put in a clear jar on your counter. This would get people excited about coming into your store, and then reward them for participating.

7. Get social online, too

Speaking of social media, spring is a great time to utilize your channels to attract more attention to your business. You can do this in a passive, non-direct sales way, as well. Go outside and take some photos of flowers in bloom around your town or pictures at a local park. This will bring some brand awareness to your retail store.

8. Get involved in the community

Another great non-direct way to boost your spring sales is to get involved with your local community clean-up efforts. You can volunteer to help pick up the trash at a park, for example, and then take pictures of you and your staff doing so for you to post on social media. Other people in the community love businesses that give back, and they like to frequent and support those that do.

9. Ask others to play a part

Along these lines, consider promoting that you’ll be going to these community events, and ask others in the community to support the efforts as well. In addition, you can ask people in your community to submit content such as photos to your social media pages. Maybe you hold another contest where you give away a gift certificate to someone who posts a photo of them giving back to the community on your social media page. Or maybe you take it a step further and donate a new tree to the community for every 10 pictures posted.

10. Get “Mad” in March

One of the biggest sporting events that happen all year is March Madness when the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments are held. This is a great opportunity for you to get in on the action as well. Hold a March Madness sale, and promote that you must be going “mad” with how discounted your products are. The theme will resonate with people and hopefully boost your sales.

11. Don’t forget the holidays

One of the best ways to boost sales in any season is by holding holiday promotions, but this is especially true in spring when there are so many of them. These holidays include:

  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17): Have a green-themed contest or hide a gift certificate in a pot of “gold coins.”
  • First Day of Spring (March 21): Some stores give away one free small ice cream to everyone who shows up at the store between certain hours on this day.
  • Tax Day (April 15): Come up with a clever idea like the ones above.
  • Easter (varies every year; between March 22nd and April 25th): Host a photo session with the Easter Bunny at your store.
  • Cinco de Mayo (May 5): Give $5 off of everything in the store.
  • Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May): Host a mom-and-me event at your store.
  • Father’s Day (third Sunday in June): Theme a section of your store with popular men’s products

12. Host an event for spring break

Spring break is a time when the kiddies are home from school, or the college kids are off partying. But parents deserve a break, too. You could take advantage of this time by hosting a relaxing event with refreshments at your store for all parents who need a nice night out.

13. Partner with other businesses

Spring is a time when everyone comes out of the house. One of the best ways to take advantage of this is to partner with other local businesses. Maybe your retail store can display some products at a local restaurant, or you can have food brought in from that restaurant for shoppers at your store.

14. Create a spring rewards program

Want to incentivize people to be return customers? Try setting up a spring sale rewards program. For example, give points for each purchase a customer makes that are then redeemable for free items at a future visit.

15. Go to a farmer’s market

Farmer’s markets begin to pop up around the middle of spring as well. Consider renting a booth at the market to display your goods. You will attract new customers who are out enjoying the day, and they may become regular customers at your store.

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Get the Money You Need to Boost Your Sales

These are just a few ideas that you can personalize to take advantage of a spring sale to boost revenue at your retail store. One important thing to remember as you’re considering these options is that it takes money to make money. The investment you put into all your marketing is what will make it sing and ring true in the heads of your potential customers.

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