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How to Hire Employees for the Peak Season

The peak season (usually, the summer) comes with good tidings but if there is one thing that many entrepreneurs struggle with at this time, is how to hire employees. Given the high traffic expected during the peak season, getting a temporary employee or two is definitely good for your business. However, you have to be careful when hiring to ensure that you get a good worker who will benefit your business in many ways.

Benefits of hiring temporary employees

There are many benefits of getting a temporary employee as opposed to a full time one. For one, a temporary employee is much cheaper since you only pay salaries for a few peak months. In most cases, you do not need to give any paid benefits to the seasonal employees. The temporary worker may also cover for that full-time employee who plans to take a holiday during the summer season. To top it all, seasonal employees can bring new ideas and some fresh energy that could have a positive impact on your business.

How to Hire Employees for the Peak Season? Follow These Tips

1. Evaluate your needs

You have to know exactly what your business needs in terms of employees in the peak season. Evaluating your business needs first will make it easy for you to determine the number of employees to hire and the duration of their contract. It will also be much easier to get the right person for the job because you will be aware of what skills to look for in the employees you plan to hire.

2. Plan in advance

Planning for the peak season should start months before the actual season and temporary employees should be part of your plan. Making plans on how to hire employees does not necessarily mean that you have to conduct interviews months before. You can start by setting a budget for the new employees and working with the rest of your staff to determine what sort of skills will add value to the business when you get super busy.

3. Make your job post clear

It is possible to get the right person for the job if you are clear from the word go on your requirements and terms. Whether you are paying a salary or hourly should be clear and applicants should be aware of how much they will be paid in case they are hired. Making clear job posts attracts more serious applicants and saves you the time you would have taken to hire employees who may not agree with your terms or do not have the right skills.

4. Share your job posting in the right places

To know how to hire employees, you have to know the right place to do so. The right places, in this case, are dependent on many factors. For example, if your business has a good following online, this may be an ideal place for your job posting. If your business is located in an open place with high traffic, placing the posting at your door could be sufficient. Below is a list of some of the best places to place a temporary employee job posting.


  • CoolWorks – This platform attracts people looking for cool seasonal jobs. Depending on how soon you need to fill the position, you can choose different options for a job ad. The site also offers guidance on how to hire employees and get a perfect match for your business.
  • SeasonalJobs – Another great platform to find temporary employees with relative ease. The prices for the postings are also quite fair and ideal for small businesses.
  • GrooveJob – With GrooveJob, you are guaranteed of attracting diverse applicants whatever your business. The site only focuses on temporary jobs and is ranked among the best for student jobs.
  • SeasonalEmploymentJust like others on this list, SeasonalEmployement is designed with temporary workers in mind. The rates are fair and the site gets a lot of traffic so finding a perfect match for your business is easy

Radio/Print Ads

These are perfect if you are looking to source locally. You can place an Ad in your local radio station or newspaper depending on which platform is readily available to you. You can also place ads in public areas such as libraries, colleges or even right in front of your store.

5. Ask for referrals

You can get amazing temporary employees through referrals. Get referrals from your customers, current employees or even family and friends. Just let the people referring candidates your way know what you are looking for beforehand.

6. Save time when interviewing

Knowing how to hire employees can save you a lot of time. Your hiring strategy should be based on the time you have at your disposal.  If you are short of time and you need to hire a temporary employee ASAP, doing group interviews would be a great place to start. Set a specific date and have all candidates start their interview together. Here is the kicker, group interviews help sift through the good and the bad and it will not be surprising if you identify the right candidate a few minutes into the interview. Organizing recruitment events also works if you have adequate resources to do so.

7. Test the candidate’s ability

Ideally, the right person should come with all the necessary skills. Where this is impossible, settle for one who requires minimal training and seems eager to learn. You need to know how to hire employees and test their abilities to ensure you get a perfect match.

8. Ask for references

Knowing how to hire employees involves being aware of the following: in most cases, temporary employees do not come with an impressive CV. This is where a former employee can come in handy. By talking to a candidate’s reference, you will be able to gauge how well they will serve you during your peak season. Settle for a candidate who shows up, get the job done, and works well with the rest of the team.

9. Do not forget your business goals and values

Working with someone who shares your organization’s values and goals is much easier when compared to one that does not fit your workplace culture. While temporary employees only last a short time, they create a lasting impression on your customers. An employee that shares your goals and values will represent your products better and ensure that your customers keep coming back

10. Check personality

A good attitude beats experience every time. Be sure to check different candidates’ attitude and go for one who is not only dedicated but also willing to help whenever necessary. Referees can brief you on their experiences with the candidates, and this can make it easier for you to hire the right match for your business.

11. Look for individuals you can work with the next season

If you have an option, choose a candidate that you can still work with again. This means that if you have a few college candidates, choose one who has two or more years to graduate.

12. Note the candidates long term goals

A candidate’s long-term goal is one of the questions that you need to ask during the interview process. A seasonal employee who shares your business goals can be an asset, and you may need to consider them in case a permanent position opens up.

13. Keep your employees motivated during the peak season

Aside from knowing how to hire employees who will see you through the peak season, you also need to have several ways to keep them motivated. The motivation here can be as easy as offering discounts to products that you stock or even giving tips from time to time.

There are many reasons why keeping your employees motivated will work to your advantage. First, you will not need to hire again during the season or have an employee who is always asking for leave when the days get busy. A motivated employee will also be more likely to come back in the next season than one who is not.

14. Comply with the law

Comply with your state legislation on the following requirements:

  • Minimum wage
  • Pay regulations (overtime, nights, weekends)
  • Requirements to offer health insurance
  • Labor regulations for teens aged 14-17

If you are not aware of how to hire employees in line with the law, read this article on how to hire for the first time and how to be compliant for additional information.

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