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How to Get Investors to Believe in You

It does not matter if you are getting money from a bank or a capital investor, the key to accessing capital is getting people to trust you. Sean Salas, CEO of Camino Financial will share his experience in guiding principles that will allow investors to believe in you.

Episode 2: How to Get Investors to Believe in You


4 Important Elements of a Business Plan

  1. Value Proposition for the client– What service, value, product will you offer to the investor
  2. Means needed to give service
  3. Processes of operations to use these resources in the most efficient way in the business.
  4. What is the money earning formula?

Other Important Things

  1. Marketing Plan 3 months out to a year out of the process of our business.
  2. KPI’s – Having main objectives and numbers correct.
  3. Minimal Viable Product
  4. What is profit Formula?


The more feedback from like-minded individuals you get, the better your pitch gets

What to keep in mind about investors?

  1. Open your options up to people who are in the same industry as you
  2. Track record- Investors introduce people to people that were successful in investing
  3. Your personal and business profiles should be synced

What are the post pitch practices?

Note and analyze the 3 doubts that the investor had amongst your business, plan for the next steps on the resolutions, and how you’re going to resolve the doubts.

Updates on business status, building and maintaining future relationships are very crucial.

One of the most important elements with your investors is Transparency. You send all the information on the good and bad news of the business.

Remember that company Missions are important.

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Recommended Books:

Libros Recomendados: Ries, Eric. Lean Start-up, Crown Publishing Group, 2011.

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