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How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Your Business

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Since the 1980s, Hispanic Heritage Month has been lovingly celebrated from Sept. 15 until Oct. 15. It looks back at the heritage of many Hispanic cultures while showcasing some of the most colorful histories around. If you want to include this monthlong celebration in your business, then you are in luck. Here at Camino Financial, we have several ideas that can help you bring this holiday into focus.

Let’s Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Nearly 20 percent of the total population of the United States is Hispanic, and that number is growing on an annual basis. To keep your business open to this population, you need to make sure you include holidays and events that showcase their proud heritage, such as Hispanic Heritage Month. Here are some great things you can do to ensure you reach as many people within that population as possible with your business offerings.

10 Ideas to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Your Business

  1. Host an Event Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month. If you want to bring people into your business, then show them that you honor them and where they came from. Have a small meet-and-greet event where you encourage people to come in and introduce themselves. You can opt for small drinks and snacks, or just offer fun trinkets for the kids who come with their parents.
  2. Reach Out to Local Schools and Display Hispanic Art From Kids. One way that you can create beauty while still celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is by reaching out to local schools and asking if they have any art they would like to display. Many schools create art projects during this time of year and having it on display at a local business would thrill most children and parents alike.
  3. Add Some Mexican or Latin American Flags to Your Business. If you want to catch the attention of the local Hispanic population, then add some flags to the front windows of your business. Put up flags from Mexico, as well as other countries from Latin America that are represented in your area.
  4. Ask a Community Speaker to Come and Speak at Your Business. One way to attract members of the community to come in is to ask a Hispanic local community speaker to come in and do something with your business. It could be a meet-and-greet, a speech, or something that relates specifically to what service you provide.
  5. Put Together a Potluck or Cookie Exchange. Who doesn’t like participating in an event where food is served? Offer a chance for the community to come together and share their heritage and traditional foods. It can be a potluck of dinner foods and desserts or even a cookie or sweets exchange for people to get a taste of foods from all around Latin America.
  6. Set Up a Fundraiser and Donate the Proceeds. If you want to catch the attention of locals, then set up a fundraiser. Provide some of your services to the winner of a raffle free of charge, and allow people to get one raffle ticket per donation. You can set the donation levels based on the median income in your area. Then, once all is done, donate all the proceeds to help a local charity or children’s hospital that serves the Hispanic population.
  7. Enjoy a Community Movie Night. Put up flyers and let the community know that you plan to put up a screen and play a Spanish-language movie one night or even once-a-week during Hispanic Heritage Month. People can bring their own snacks, drinks, and popcorn, or you can provide some for a nominal fee at the event.
  8. Set Up a Block Party. If you want people to come out and visit the small businesses in your area, including yours, then contact your local authorities to find out what you need to set up a block party that celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. Depending on your location, the temperatures are cooler during this time of year, so your business could sell some warm beverages and snacks. This is an ideal way of earning a bit of income at the party and getting noticed at the same time.
  9. Put On a Kids-Day Event. Why not set up an event tailored to the children in your community? You can have fun little games, arts and crafts stations, and prizes. The crafts can all be about different Hispanic heritages, such as masks, paintings, drawings, and face paint. Catering to children will typically bring a lot of adults in too. They can then learn about both Hispanic Heritage Month and your business.
  10. Dedicate Part of Your Website to Hispanic Heritage Month. Create content that specifically talks about Hispanic Heritage Month and what your company does as part of the celebration. You can have this content created in advance, then put it up when the month begins. Plus, you can make sure to talk about it on your social media channels to get more people involved.

At Camino Financial, We Celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Every Day

To date, Camino Financial has been proud to help thousands of Hispanic business owners improve their small businesses. We have helped them access capital and provided them with business resources to achieve the American Dream. They are growing their businesses with the goal to build a legacy to leave behind. Our different financial products are set up specifically for the business needs of Hispanic business owners. We understand that Hispanic immigrants do not always qualify for an SSN, so instead, we help them by requiring only their ITIN. We also understand that credit history may not be available to those who apply, so we do not require it to still be able to get a small business loan.

There is more to Camino Financial than just loans. We provide educational materials that are aimed to help improve the performance of the business financially so that our customers can help their communities on a grander scale. We truly believe and practice our motto: No Business Left Behind. Want to find out more about what we can do and have to offer? Start by reading:

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