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How to Be a More Self-Motivated Business Owner

You are self-motivated enough to have decided to jump from being an employee to owning and starting a business venture. In other words, you gave up security to face an unpredictable situation. You are now on your own. You are the boss. And that can be scary. It’s totally understandable: you need to continuously learn new business concepts, and also adopt ways to become highly self-motivated not only at the beginning of your path as an entrepreneur but at all times. Are there ways or techniques to make a small business owner continually self-motivated?

There are. Live and learn. Just keep reading.

10 Tips to Become a Self-motivated Entrepreneur

  1. Create your own vision statement – Most successful companies have this. It lays down the organization’s goals and core values to develop in the long term. A vision statement sets the direction to take for the company and is therefore shared by all the key personnel and employees. Similarly, as a small business owner, you can write down your own vision statement and even be more specific as to almost draw a picture of how you’d like your business to look like 20-25 years from today. Will it have 200 employees under its employ from the current 37? Will the company be having its own office building? Open a second location? Will you diversify your range of products or services? Write these down in clear terms. Then, visualize your statement in your mind as you go about running the business. It will help too to post your vision statement where you and everyone else can easily see it.
  2. Work out a plan – This is essentially a framework that should guide you on what to do to realize your vision statement. A proper plan should include short, medium and long-term goals, which also should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Make sure your plan covers what needs to be done in the most important facets of the business, like marketing, promotions, distribution, customer service and more importantly, the financials. Be prepared to make changes on these as developments will happen that may impact your business.
  3. Start and follow through a routine – Developing a routine and adapting yourself to a fixed schedule is a proven way to be more self-motivated. You could, for instance, start the day by going through your emails. And it’s not only about business: your daily life, in general, should also follow a routine with organized tasks: when do you work out? When and where do you have lunch? How do you commute to work? Make sure you make room in your schedule for your personal life, family, and friends. Here you can find some useful tips on time management that will help you go through the day being more productive.
  4. Look back and relive your past successes and accomplishments – Wasn’t it a great feeling when you made a terrific sales presentation or you won a big contract? It was a big WOW! A taste of real accomplishment and success. Reliving this and going through your best moments again can prop you up strongly and help you be more self-motivated.
  5. Leave any negative experiences in the past The same goes the other way around. If your business suffered any misshape in the past, learn from it and move on. Try to see every day under a new light: after all, you can only move forward. Every day is a step that puts you closer to success.
  6. Follow a role model –And two is better than one. Who inspires you? Choose someone close to you who shaped you into the person you’re today, and also a successful entrepreneur you feel identified with. Follow their steps.
  7. Involve your team – Find ways to encourage and motivate your team. After all, motivation is contagious. Celebrate your company’s milestones when appropriate. But it’s not always about the big things: you can do something as simple as creating a motto for the company. Place it in visible places and use it at the end of every meeting. It will make your people feel energized and part of a team with a common goal.
  8. Reward yourself – Give yourself a big pat on the back often. Accomplished something important? Achieved a mini-goal in the course of running the business? Treat yourself to an exciting NBA game or take the family to some fancy steak house and enjoy the moment. No sense in feeling uncomfortable about this. If you incentivize your guys for super work, why shouldn’t you enjoy the same privilege? When you reward yourself for an outstanding job, it is really a sort of affirmation that you are a self-motivated business owner and leader.
  9. Stay mentally and physically fit and healthy – This one is a no brainer but for the most part many entrepreneurs take their health for granted, overworking, being careless with their diet and doing zero exercises. Find time to keep fit. Get that mountain bike out of the garage and start cycling every morning around the block or do some brisk walking. A healthy lifestyle is synonymous with the emotional state of being self-motivated.
  10. Make time for yourself – Remember the adage that goes “All work and no play makes … a dull boy”? As an entrepreneur you’re most probably caught up deep in your business, working fourteen hours a day. Set aside a few hours each day to do whatever you enjoy the most. In other words, ease up a bit and relax. Or find ways to de-stress. Whenever time allows, take a vacation. You are a human first, and second a business owner. A well-balanced life will help you stay self-motivated.

It cannot be overemphasized. Starting up and running a small business clearly says you are an entrepreneur that is very driven. But then, of course, there are also other aspects – being detailed and organized, taking educated, calculated risks and making tough decisions that could make or break the business. Through challenging times, remember the reason you started your venture. Chances are, your family is your biggest motivation. Have this always in mind. Something as simple as drawings and letters from your kids in your office, or a picture of your partner on your desk, is an effective reminder that will help you stay focus and self-motivated in any situation and under any circumstance.

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Run through the foregoing suggestions on how to be more self-motivated. Pick up three or four of these and start working on them tomorrow. Complement these by subscribing to our newsletter. In this free, weekly email, you will find more helpful management insights, information, and resources with the goal to succeed and grow your business.


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