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How to Advertise Your Business on Printed Media

Learning how to advertise your business on printed media is an invaluable skill, even nowadays, in the Internet age. While more consumers are using online services and smart devices than ever before, they still rely on traditional printed media for information.

Keep reading to know about the power of printed media and to make the most of your advertising campaigns!

What Is Printed Media?

You need to know what printed media is to understand how to advertise your business effectively. When you see or hear the phrase “printed media,” several things probably come to mind. However, many people are surprised at just how extensive the definition of printed media can be. Printed media can include:

  • Newspaper ads
  • Magazine ads
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Billboards
  • Calendars
  • Stickers, pens, shirts and similar items
  • Practically anything that can hold your logo or marketing info

Say you have a contest or raffle for your employees where winners receive physical prizes. Why not brand these prizes with your company logo? This personalizes the gift and creates a positive rapport with employees. It also gives you free advertising anytime they use your gift in front of others. With this, any printed message or object that can hold a message can be considered printed media. Once you realize that so many things can be personalized for your business and your customers, you open a whole new world of advertising possibilities.

However, serious printed media advertising goes beyond this type of merchandise and involves using newspapers, magazines, billboards, and other wide-reaching promotional material. The vast majority of potential customers will not receive your promotional items. They will drive past your signs and billboards or see your business advertised in the local paper. This is also true for the digital version of printed media, like local newspapers online or community websites. Printed media has adapted to the age of the Internet. Using your geographical area’s printed media and combining it with the broadest distribution online is your best bet for effective print advertising.

What Can Printed Media Advertising Do for Your Business?

Many business owners underestimate the advertising power of printed media. Printed media has extensive reach with all sorts of surprising and significant demographics. Learning how to advertise your business on printed media has some benefits for your business, including:

  • A wide variety of options. There is no end to forms of printed media. This gives you access to all sorts of potential markets and audiences.
  • Access to much larger audiences. The size of your potential audience is another significant benefit. With the right placements and through the right distribution channels, your printed media can reach unexpected customers.
  • Affordable rates. Printed media ads are generally quite affordable, and prices can often be customized to suit your needs. Other forms of advertising can be far more expensive and complicated than printed media.
  • Proven, predictable results for businesses everywhere. Printed ads continue to be essential for local companies and businesses looking to go where digital ads cannot. This is because printed media still have unique strongholds in local markets. Businesses everywhere are still experiencing positive results from print advertising, especially when integrated with digital campaigns.

Tips for How to Advertise Your Business on Printed Media

The nature of printed media is hugely varied. This is great for giving you options but can make it challenging to provide brief advice. However, some general tips apply to most or all forms of printed media.

  • Make comprehensive campaigns. Print ads need to be part of a full marketing campaign that includes a wide variety of other advertising media.
  • Be flexible. Consider different placement options for your materials.
  • Be consistent. Keep a consistent look and feel throughout your marketing materials. This helps customers identify your ads immediately and builds your brand power.
  • Give a professional appearance. Make sure your logo and images are appealing. If you cannot do this yourself, hire someone who can!
  • Your ads should focus on specific goals. Make sure ads communicate your brand and mission. Always come back to the questions: “What do I want my customers to know about me?” and “What do I want my customers to think of my business?”
  • Never sacrifice form for the function or vice versa. Make sure you have a balance of attractiveness and functionality in your ads. They should be readable but not dull. They should be interesting but not overwhelming. Write down a list of things you want each of your ads to accomplish. Make sure each of your ads checks the boxes on your list before publishing them.

How Much Will It Cost?

Billboards: The average cost of a billboard depends on the size, location, format, target demographics, number of impressions, and the size of its circulation. Physical billboards usually cost between $1,500 and $4,000 monthly in medium-sized cities. In rural areas, they can be as little as $250 per month. Meanwhile, more significant markets can cost $14,000 or more. Digital billboards can also be far more costly.

Newspaper ads: The cost of the average newspaper depends on a lot of factors. These include the paper’s circulation, size of the ads, the day you advertise, and how much ink your ads require. Full-page ads can start around $2,500. However, in the most prominent national newspapers, full-page ads can reach as much as $163,000. It is unlikely most businesses require a full-page ad with that much circulation, however. Your local paper is probably your best bet. Small businesses can easily advertise in these for a couple of hundred dollars or less depending on size and duration.

Magazine ads: Magazine ads average anywhere from $500 to $20,000 depending on the size of the publication. The cost will rise or fall depending on how many colors you use, how big the ad is, how much circulation the magazine has, and the number of ads you sign up for.

Brochures: While you can design your company’s brochures yourself, not everyone is comfortable doing this. Graphic design firms charge anywhere from $30 to $450 for a custom brochure template. Depending on how complex your design specifications are, you should not pay more than about $600.

Last Words

Learning how to advertise your business on printed media is a vital component of successful marketing. Your brand power has enormous growth potential when you learn to implement printed media in your advertising campaigns. Printed media will continue to be essential for years to come, especially for small and mid-size businesses with local markets.

At Camino Financial, we make it our goal to provide every small business with the tools and resources to thrive. That is why our motto is “No business left behind”. One of the most important skills we can help you build is how to advertise your business. We that in mind, we invite you to keep reading:

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