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How to Advertise Your Business for Valentine’s Day: 5 Low-Budget Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. Couples young and old, new and long-lasting, celebrate their love for each other every year on February 14.

Romantic dinners at a nice restaurant, flowers, candy, jewelry, and other sweet gestures. Americans love to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This holiday is also one of the biggest each year for retail spending. In 2020 alone, the National Retail Federation said that consumers added $27.4 billion to the economy for expenditure for the holiday (vs the $20.7B in 2019).

Valentine’s Day is an excellent way for small businesses to boost their sales during an otherwise slow time of the year. That’s why coming up with advertising ideas that are creative and also cost-effective are so important.

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Here are five low-budget advertising ideas for your small business this Valentine’s Day.

Consumers and Valentine’s Day 🎀

You may think that Valentine’s Day is not a holiday worth focusing your advertising ideas—and money—on. But the National Retail Federation found that 55% of people planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day last year. While this percentage has been seeing a steady drop, last year marked an improvement.

Despite that statistic, though, overall spending on Valentine’s Day also continues to rise. This means that those who do give a gift for the holiday are spending more on it each year.

In fact, the NRF also found that people who purchased a gift for Valentine’s Day in 2020 spent an average of $196.31. A 21% increase over the year before.

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2021: Valentine’s Day vs COVID

This year might be a bit different. After all, many states are under strict quarantines (again) which might change how people celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Couples can’t go out for a romantic dinner because restaurants are closed. Many stores might be closed, so no gifts.

Does this mean we might as well cancel Valentine’s Day?

No, it doesn’t!

Restaurants have takeout,  and food delivery apps; stores have curbside pickup and eCommerces.

You can still take advantage of this holiday during 2021, and the total expected spending of $25 billion in retail.


By using our amazing low-budget advertising ideas.

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5 Low-Budget Advertising Ideas for Valentine’s Day 🖐🏼

Now you know there is a significant amount of money for the taking for your business this Valentine’s Day.

When advertising, the key is coming up with cost-effective advertising ideas. 

You may not have a lot of money dedicated to marketing early in the year, and that’s not out of the ordinary. Many small businesses, just like yours, spend the majority of their marketing dollars around the holidays.

That’s why it’s so important to come up with low-budget advertising ideas for Valentine’s Day. We’re sharing with you five lovely ideas.

1. Send an email marketing campaign 💌

Regardless of whether you’re an online store or a physical store, the chances are that you’ve collected email addresses from customers. Maybe they’ve placed orders with you, or they’ve entered their email address to receive ongoing offers and promotions.

One low-budget and easy way to advertise for Valentine’s Day is to send an email blast to these people. 

Creating a clean and impressive email marketing campaign is simple nowadays. There are plenty of services that are free to use—depending on the size of your email list and how frequently you send emails.

Make sure to design your email blast with red and pink colors, use hearts and other love emojis, and advertise what specials you’re running for Valentine’s Day.

2. Theme your social media accounts  👩‍❤️‍👩 💑 👨‍❤️‍👨

Social media is a great way to reach your current and future potential customers. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other platform. The great part about social media is that it’s free to sign up and reach people.

As such, a fantastic low-budget advertising idea for Valentine’s Day is to theme your social media pages for the holiday. You can create a new background, upload a new image, and even send some love-inspired messages to your followers.

Another unique idea is to take it a step further and run a contest or giveaway. For example, you could ask your followers to upload a photo of them and their significant other along with a short story about how they met. Then, you could choose a winner or two from those who submitted to receive a $25 gift certificate that can be used at your store.

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3. Share the love 🥰

Valentine’s Day is usually about romantic love, but many take it as a chance to show other types of love: to their pets, their friends, and to their family. You could take a cue from this and show your customers you love and appreciate them. And what better way to share the love than by offering some gifts?

This doesn’t mean you have to break the piggy bank to buy some fancy jewelry for your customers. You could offer them some extra perks, like:

  • You can provide exclusive discount coupons to all buyers.
  • Offer free wrapping for romantic gifts.
  • You can give a small gift to customers that spend a certain amount.
  • If you own an online store, you could offer free shipping for all Valentine’s day gifts.

4. Create a mini gift guide 💝

Extensive gift guides are trendy for retailers during the holiday season. They aren’t as relevant to the rest of the year. While creating a full-fledged printed gift guide just for Valentine’s Day would be a good idea, it would prove to most likely be time-consuming and costly.

One unique and low-budget advertising idea would be to create a mini gift guide targeted at those people who waited until the last minute to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift. You could highlight certain products at your store that would be a great Valentine’s Day gift. You could also tell a short story as to how they would surprise a loved one.

To keep costs low, this mini gift guide could be published as a blog on your website, sent out via your social media channels, or as an email blast.

Men typically spend more than women on Valentine’s Day gifts, with candy and greeting cards being the most popular items purchased.
Those two categories are followed by flowers, money spent on a lovely evening out, clothing, jewelry, and gift cards.

5. Partner with another store 💕

Not every retail store is an obvious fit for Valentine’s Day gifts. You may own a children’s toy store, for example, which wouldn’t be a natural place people would shop for Valentine’s Day gifts. 

How, then, could you also capitalize on Valentine’s Day?

One way is to partner with a store in your location that is a natural fit for Valentine’s Day gifts and promote each other. You could send marketing messages that would promote this partner store, and they could offer coupons or promotions to your store for people who are shopping at their store on Valentine’s Day.

Another partnership example would be to create an all-encompassing Valentine’s Day package. If you own a spa, for instance, you could partner with a nail salon and offer a Valentine’s Day pampering package that would include a massage at your business and a manicure/pedicure at the nail salon.

BONUS! Don’t forget the singles! 😍

Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate love, but it can also be a day that makes single people feel left out. As a small business owner, make sure you are paying tribute to your single customers as well.

You could offer exclusive deals or contests to single people, as well as those who are in a relationship. The idea of this marketing angle is to be inclusive of everyone—no matter their relationship status.

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All You Need is Love! 🧡

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year for consumer spending. While the number of people who buy gifts during this holiday seems to decrease every year, the amount they spend on Valentine’s Day gifts is increasing rapidly.

That’s why Valentine’s Day is such an important day for you as a retail business owner. But because the holiday falls in the dead of winter, it’s also essential to come up with cost-effective, low-budget advertising ideas so you can attract new and return customers to your store.

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