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How to Advertise Your Business for Halloween

Spirits will arise!

Halloween is almost upon us. The mood is set. People are getting ready for this festive occasion. According to the balance, 95% of Americans spend $2.6 billion to buy candy; 72% spend $2.7 billion on decorations, and 67% spend $3.2 billion on costumes.

That means $8.5 billion is spent on Halloween. That’s a lot!

And you don’t need to sell spooky stuff to get your part of this spending. Americans get so excited about this scary holiday that, if you get into a festive spirit, that can also give you a marketing advantage when selling your products.

So… is your business getting ready too?

Have you already thought of how to advertise your business for Halloween?

Below are some ideas on how you can advertise your business. Find out which of these can help you. Most of these will cost you little. So, read on and get into the spirit of Halloween!

How to Advertise your Business for Halloween – 25 Easy and Fun Ideas

How you celebrate Halloween this year will depend on two factors: if your state has been allowed to reopen, and if you have an eCommerce. These two will dictate the marketing strategies you can follow.

Mix and match whichever ideas you can use to have a very successful (and spooky) season!


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Decorating Your Store: get into the Halloween spirit

If you’re lucky enough, your state has lifted restrictions and has allowed you to reopen your store. Take advantage of this by decorating and showing how excited you are for Halloween.

1.   Put up Your Halloween Décor

Decorate your business. Not having any decor might give off the wrong vibes to your customers.  You won’t have to spend much. Buy decorations that are relevant to your business or match your front display. Put up a cutout of a skeleton holding a sign or a menu if you own a bar or restaurant.

2.  Create Your Own Halloween Theme

Instead of Halloween—and especially if your business is in a predominantly Latino neighbourhood—why not celebrate Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead)?

Think of the Disney movie Coco.

Decorate your business with “Dia de Muertos” in mind. Customers always want something different. Instead of having a Halloween sale, create a “la Noche de Muertos sale”.

Make your theme interesting so people will be curious enough to come.

3.   Get into Costume

Your costume doesn’t need to be scary. If you want to adapt the theme above, dress up as characters from the movie. It doesn’t matter what costume you wear as long as you get into the spirit of Halloween. Your customers will appreciate it.

4.   Get into Character

You are in a costume. Why not bring it to life?

Delight your customers by getting into character.  You or someone among your staff may be good at acting or impersonation. So why not make use of such talents?

Getting into character is not that hard. Bring out the kid in you!

5.  Give out Treats and Delight Children

Halloween is mostly about children having fun and excitement.

Did you know that, despite COVID, sales of candy, costumes, and decorations are expected to be in the billions of dollars this Halloween?

Well, guess who is driving up sales? It’s the children of course!

When you’re thinking of how to advertise your business for Halloween, think of what you can offer to children. Trick or treating might be cancelled in many states and cities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hand out some candy. Offer Halloween treats, discounts and other freebies with each purchase. You create goodwill by giving something for your customers’ children. They’ll remember you for this.

But hey, if you can, have something for the adults, too.

6. Give Themed Bags

If you decide to offer some treats, why not give them a themed bag?

A hundred dollars is going to buy you around two hundred fifty or more Halloween loot bags. These will include your business name and logo. The best part is it will only take a few days to get them printed. Order now if this is the way you want to go.

Plus, by giving treats in a closed bag, you can make sure that the candy remains clean and disinfected. This way, you can ensure your customers that you take COVID seriously and care about them and their kids.

7. Put up Signs and Posters

Decorate your sign at your storefront. Be creative but make sure your sign is readable. This means using large letters. Express your message with the fewest words possible. People are always in a hurry. If you don’t have a sign, Halloween is the perfect time to put up one.

You can create posters with a good printer. You will find free software on the internet. There are places in your community such as bulletin boards where you can post these. You can place these in other establishments or buildings. Just ask for permission.

Traditional Marketing: spooky ideas to improve your sales

Maybe your store has reopened, maybe you’re only managing an eCommerce. It doesn’t matter which one it is, traditional marketing will always improve your sales.

8.  Advertise with Your Car

You drive to work every day. Why not drive your own moving advertisement?

Dress up your car with Halloween decorations. Utilize digitally made stickers that won’t damage your car’s paint.  Add your business name and contact number. Make your decorations eye-catching and people will notice. Just make sure your decorations don’t interfere with your driving or violate any laws.

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9.  Partner with Other Businesses

You don’t have to go solo. If you have a great idea, why not enlist the participation of other shops or stores nearby?

In doing so, you spread the costs. You can run a scavenger hunt of miscellaneous items found in participating shops. If you want to do something more simple, give a discount from your partners when people buy from you, and vice versa.

10. Take Part in Community Events

Say “yes” when you’re invited to join in community events, even if they’re virtual ones.

Some places are doing COVID-safe fairs and festivals. These are great opportunities to re-connect with clients and meet new ones.

Put up a table or booth and give out coupons, brochures, flyers, and treats, of course. don’t forget to follow all the safety precautions and regulations (as strict as they might be), this will show customers you care about them.

Alternatively, your community might have a virtual Halloween event. Participate! They can be a great way to network and market your products.

11.  Hand out Flyers

Flyers still work!

There’s too much information on social media and people might miss your posts. On the other hand, when people read your Halloween-themed flyer, you will have their undivided attention, even if it’s just for a few seconds. So make sure they are catchy.

Flyers will not cost you a lot. You can even print them at home.

12. Rename Your Products

Add words like bloody, haunted, poisoned, ghastly, grisly and cursed to your products’ names.

Catch people’s attention to the use of these words. Post your renamed products online or on signs, posters or flyers. Make little alterations to your products if you can. People expect something different when you rename your product.

13. Offer Gifts or Discounts to Anyone Who Comes in Costume

Offer special discounts and gifts to anyone who enters your shop in a costume. This is just a fun way to get customers to participate in the holiday spirit and making thigs fun!

Just remember that having a costume on is no excuse to not have a facemask. Encourage your customers to keep adhering to COVID-regulations.

14.  Place an Ad on Your Local Newspaper

Many towns and cities have their own newspapers. It’s inexpensive to post an ad in many of these. Check what the rates are if an ad will help you reach your audience.

Of course, make it Halloween-themed!

15. Rely on Word-of-Mouth

This is still an effective tool in spreading the word about your business.

People like to talk.

Tell them about your Halloween discounts and specials. If your product or service serves your customers well, ask them nicely to let others know. They will not hesitate to do so.

16. Offer curbside pickup!

Nowadays, safe distancing is crucial for customers: they might not want to go into a store for fear of coronavirus. You can still keep those customers by offering curbside pickup.

How does it work?

Your customers will make their order beforehand (it could be through your eCommerce or by phone), then you let them know at what time they can go pick it up. They won’t even have to get out of their cars, just park outside your business and you’ll go out to give them their products.

17. Offer Halloween Deals

People associate discounts and special deals with holidays. Halloween is no exception.  People will want to find out if you offer any specials for Halloween. Post discounts and special deals on your website, social media, emails, texts, signs, and flyers.

Digital Marketing: otherworldly success

But traditional marketing should not be your only tool nowadays. Digital marketing is as important, as it will allow you to reach an ever wider audience and sell even more products.

If you still haven’t gone digital, we recommend reading Digital Transformation Roadmap: Bring your Small Business to the New Era.

18.  Decorate Your Social Media Sites

If you’re decorating your storefront for Halloween, you should decorate your social media accounts, too.

  • Edit your profile pic so it has Halloween colors or iconography. Use software available to you, we recommend using Canva.
  • Create a Halloween #hashtag for your business that people can share.
  • Post messages or a short video announcing treats, discounts, and events your business is hosting this Halloween. Ask people to share them.
  • Also if you have any, include photos of you and your staff in costume.

If you don’t have a Facebook page or anything similar, perhaps now is the time to create one and start using Facebook Ads. Don’t ignore social media completely or you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities. Take note – Tips on how to advertise your business always include using social media as an effective tool.

19.  Decorate Your Website

Remember, it’s a festive occasion. Let people know your business is taking part in celebrating Halloween. It doesn’t take much to tweak your web pages to add ghosts, ghouls and other creatures that go bump in the night.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a website but desire one, we have good news for you. There are website builders, like Wix, that are free. Find someone who can assist you if you’re uncomfortable doing it alone: a younger family member might be the perfect person to help you create your website.

20. Use Email

Sending emails will continue to be relevant. Almost 200 billion emails are sent every day. You can send a personal message to all your clients about your specials for Halloween. Adorn your email with Halloween décor.

Believe it or not, emails and newsletters are an amazing marketing tactic that will surely help you engage with current and future customers.

21.  Make a Halloween Video

If you have an online presence, why not post a Halloween video instead of a regular message?

It’s easy to do with your smartphone. Do it in costume. Make use of free editing software found on the internet. If people find your video funny and interesting, they will share it with others.

22.  Guests Post on Other Blogs

You have made new friends and they may ask you to write articles for their blogs. This is an opportunity for you to reach out to more people and get them to learn more about your business. Write an interesting article about Halloween (you can share some of the ideas here!) and link this to your own website.

23. Text Your Customers

Does texting still work? Yes, it does! If your customers realize it’s from you, their bound to read it. Like emails, texts capture the attention of the recipient. Again, this has to be Halloween- relevant. Simply invite them to the scariest place in town!

24. Go Viral!

Do you want people to know about your business and get tagged on social media?

Reach a wider audience by having your customers upload photos in your store and tag you to invite others to visit. You can encourage them to post about your business by offering additional incentives.

For example, if they go to your store with a costume, ask them to take a selfie and let them know you’ll offer a special discount if they upload the photo and tag your store.

25. Throw a Virtual Halloween Party

Who doesn’t want a party? Everyone does, but due to coronavirus and safe-distancing, a party is off-limits. Unless you do a virtual celebration!

Host a virtual party for your customers. Tell your invited guests they can bring their friends.

If you have a restaurant, you can have special discounts on delivered drinks, food and snacks during the party. This will encourage your customers to order from your menu. don’t forget to sign up for food delivery apps.

You can also host giveaways during the online celebration so that more people tune in! These will not cost you an arm and a leg. Think of it as saying “thank” you to your customers and “welcome” to your future ones.

You’ll be Scary Successful!

Like we said before, most of these tips on how to advertise your business for Halloween cost little.

You know your target audience. Aim for awareness rather than immediate sales Try these ideas and discover what will work. If you do, you’ll be better prepared for the next big holiday just around the corner. You’ll also learn where you need to spend more on advertising or if you need more funds.

Think of Halloween as your experimental stage.

Consider online media in your advertising if you haven’t tried before. It’s Halloween but if you aren’t scared of ghosts and ghouls, you shouldn’t be scared of social media. We guarantee you social media advertising can work for you!

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