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How Small Businesses are Using Pokemon Go to Drive Sales

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. This augmented reality game is being talked about all over social media by fans of the series, but by businesses as well. While some local businesses are annoyed by people visiting their shops just to “catch em’ all,” others are embracing the app and the marketing potential it has. Learn more about how Pokemon Go is changing the way many people are doing business.

Lure Go Players to Your Business

The most direct benefit businesses are getting from the Pokemon Go app is the ability to lure people in their target demographic into their shop. While some businesses were prechosen for PokeShops and Gyms, other businesses are using the Lure Module to attract foot traffic. This is how small businesses are using Pokemon Go to drive sales, regardless of their industry.

One of the many freemium features of Go is Lure, which attracts multiple Pokemon to a specific area. Players see a special icon over the area on the map and walk to the physical location to catch the monsters. Businesses are using Lures during peak times to entice players to visit them over their competitors. They can also use Lures to gain some extra attention and foot traffic during the day.

How Local Businesses are Benefiting from Pokemon Go

There are a lot of ways businesses are benefiting from the Pokemon Go app, but the businesses that are getting the most attention are small and local. This isn’t just because the app encourages players to explore the world around them; players may be required to visit a few shops to find the monsters and items they seek.

Local businesses are embracing the boost in traffic. While some may have signs that say “Pokemon are for paying customers only,” others are proudly displaying their involvement on social media. This doesn’t just get more people in their stores, it boosts sales and brand awareness as well.

Businesses cannot choose how they are involved with the game; however, they can roll with what they have. For example, many businesses are posting screenshots of Pokemon seen in their shops. Others are running special Pokemon-themed promotions marketed towards gamers. Businesses can also opt-in to create a PokeStop or Gym near them.

While these strategies work great for small local businesses that have been pre-selected for participation, others have to be more creative if they want to take advantage of the phenomenon. Simply showing support of the game can go a long way. For example, some businesses have relabeled their mobile phone accessories as “Pokemon supplies.” This catches the eye of those playing the game, especially those who need emergency power supplies for their long walks.

Special Promotions in Unrelated Industries

While electronic and toy stores can benefit from sales and local businesses benefit from extra traffic, there are some industries running unexpected Pokemon promotions. One example is the local humane society, which is always in need of dog walkers. This has led to hundreds of different advertisements on social media advertising that if you are walking more to play the game, you could take a dog with you.

Pokemon Go has changed the way humane societies market themselves online. In the past, most humane society ads showed a cute animal with adoption information. Now, they simply advertise that their service benefits both players and animals to bring in traffic.

Other industries are following suit, often showing how their service benefits players of the game. In the case of the humane societies, the ads show that the player is getting temporary companionship on their walks and they get the satisfaction of knowing they did a good deed. These are unique benefits only the humane society can bring and they don’t necessarily help the player progress in the game.

The Future of Pokemon Go and Business

While the Pokemon Go app doesn’t currently allow for in-game advertisements, developers may work directly with businesses in the future. Some users are predicting more advanced Lure features or finding subtle ways to include businesses. For example, having the ability to make your store a PokeStop could be very beneficial to a local business, especially as the Go user base continues to grow.

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