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How Camino Financial Helps Latino Businesses

“My family members and I have worked in the food industry for years, and one day we thought, hey! why not live the dream and open our own business?!,” exclaims Maria Nuñez, one of the business owners of El Taco Rico.

Maria initially started the business with just 3 family members and at that time it had very low clientle. The family struggled to pay their employees so they all kept second jobs to make ends meet. Soon enough the business picked up, they were able to quit their second jobs and now enjoy a loyal, growing clientle with 10 family members as employees.

El Taco Rico Businesss Owners
“The loan is going to help us a lot because the kitchen needs major updates,” says Maria.  I like working with Camino Financial because the business advisors are friendly. It’s also easier to understand all the paperwork because they speak Spanish!”

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