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How Camino Financial Helped Plumberex Create 10 New Jobs

“Camino Financial has been an instrumental and positive force for our company,” says Gabriel Lechuga, Sr. Founder & President of Plumberex, which manufactures and installs plumbing products. He started contracting as a plumber and came up with a business idea that would produce a special piece of plumbing that keeps sinks from leaking. He developed a prototype and took it to a trade show where he received amazing feedback.

Gabriel invested $2K of his own capital and ran the business with his wife Patty. He came to Camino Financial to help him grow his business. He now has 22 employees and a client base of wholesalers and distributors of plumbing parts. Watch this video to take a look inside his business and learn how Camino Financial helped him create 10 new jobs.

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