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From 2020 to 2021, we are stronger together

2020 has been very hard for everyone. 

While it began just like any other year, things started to change very quickly. What seemed to be just a disease in Wuhan, China, began to quickly travel across borders until it knocked on our doors. 

No one could’ve predicted the magnitude of COVID-19.

And small businesses took the short end of the stick. Quarantines. Stay-at-home orders. Closures. Even more closures. No access to financial help. 

But, no small business gave up. 

They worked day and night to find ways to stay afloat. They learned how to adapt and evolve. They discovered new ways to sell their products and services. They strengthened in ways they never would’ve imagined.

If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, it is that now we knew how strong we really are. It awakened our survival instincts. It reinvigorated our resilience.

And that’s exactly what we want to celebrate this end of the year: your strength. 

But also all the small businesses that showed what they are really made of and have become role models for everyone else.

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At Camino Financial, we are incredibly proud to see how you have grown in the process despite the struggles. We’re sure that your small business has a great future ahead.

Now we know that you can conquer them and achieve all your goals no matter what challenges life throws your way. Within you, there’s the power of greatness.

We are also very happy that we were able to do our part during these difficult times. And we will continue to do so, 24/7, whether things are looking up or down.

Together we can create an amazing 2021.

If your business needs working capital, we hope that the second round of government support will be approved soon. And if that option is not available, remember that at Camino Financial, we finance small businesses and have few requirements. We will be more than happy to become your financial partners. 

Our mission is (and always has been) to help business owners like you achieve their goals. 

Juntos Adelante!

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