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Friendly Reminders When Promoting Your Business On Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most relevant online channels when promoting any brand, business or organization. The reach it has is enormous, and the correct or incorrect use of it could impact a lot in your small business. Maybe you’ve been already researching and taking courses on how to manage your Social Media, and by now, it might seem overwhelming.

Promoting your business on Facebook can be hard sometimes, especially with all the competition out there. However, there are small and simple things you could do that will make you stand out from other pages and businesses. Sometimes other business owners forget about these small things or don’t find them relevant, but when it comes to interacting with your customers, this details matter, and they matter a lot.

Which is why we have listed some friendly reminders when promoting your business on Facebook for you to make sure that things will run smoothly with your Facebook page and you create a community of loyal followers:

1. Have a clear goal and strategy

Setting clear goals will help plan and take actions depending on what you want to achieve. You could be using your Facebook Page to generate sales, brand awareness, customer services, or just to create a community of your customers to share experiences with your brand.

Based on your goal, you will be able to generate a strategy to promote your business, with a great campaign, engaging content or a flawless customer service.

2. Set your page audience

As mentioned before, there’s a wide variety of business pages and content out there, and at the same time, billions of users browsing Facebook everyday. Setting your page audience will help you target the people who most likely would be interested in engaging with your brand.

Facebook has an Audience Optimization tool that can guide you through this process by setting age, gender, location and interests of your target audience.

3. Have a consistent brand

Make sure that your Facebook page shows the visions and values of your business when promoting it. Keep image and words consistent with your brand, this means that you should keep the personality of your business on each post or each interaction you have with your customers.

What your brand says, is what makes you special and different from the others. Make sure to show your uniqueness when communicating through your Facebook Page.

4. Set a good time to post

This is very basic but super important. It depends a lot on who your target audience is and their behaviors to set a posting time. So make sure you know this, you can do it by experimenting, or by asking around with your close customers. You should also take into consideration, the kind of product or service you are offering, as it might be relevant at different times of the day.

5. Post engaging or relevant content for your followers

You should really know and be very aware of who your target audience is for this one. Promoting your business is not always about posting flyers of “Buy now!” or “Sale!”. It’s also about giving some value to your customers. Get them engaged with what you have to say or show to them.

Images and videos are always a good idea for Facebook, and if your business is having a blog, it could also be a great channel to bring in traffic to your website.

This point is also about trial and error, about experimenting with different kinds of content and approaches until you find what is relevant for your customers.

6. Interact with your customers

Talk to them, and most importantly, listen to them. This point has more to do with the customer service of your small business. Once you get your followers engaged with your content, they’ll start commenting and liking your posts on Facebook. Make sure you reply to them and let them know that you’re on the other side to listen to them.

Reply to all their inbox messages, a lot of people reach out to a brand through Facebook to clear out doubts about their services or products. Keeping your customers happy and make them feel heard is more important than anything else. Plus, Facebook tells the people who visit your page how responsive are you, so you don’t want to give a bad image.

7. Post regularly but don’t abuse

Keeping the activity in your Facebook page is a must. At least one time a day could work, once you get the hang of it, you can move up to three times per day. Make sure your posts are smart and relevant, it’s not only about posting for the sake of it.

Keep a content calendar for your Facebook Page, it will give you more clarity about what to post and when. Planning before hand will save you time and will make you stick to your strategy.

8. Ask customers to share their experiences with your brand

People love talking about themselves and the experiences they have. If you see that you already have loyal customers who love your product or service, you can ask them to share their experiences with it. It could be through a contest or with a hashtag, or whatever you can think of. It will give relevance to your business and having the approval of other people will help leverage your brand image.

9. Ratings and Reviews

If you have noticed, your Facebook page has a section of Ratings and Reviews. This can be a bit related to the previous point. You need to get your loyal customers to rate you and write a review about how they feel about your business. This will help you when new potential customers come to take a look, your reviews could totally impact on their decision to buy from your or not. It is true that it also gives freedom to people to give bad reviews, however, you should be smart on how to handle them so you don’t damage the image of your business.

10. Use insights to know more about your customers

Now that you got your Facebook Page going with content and interactions, take some time on a weekly basis to look at the insights of your page. Look at how much your page is growing, the likes, comments and reach your posts are having. What kind of content has been more successful so you can replicate it. Also take a look into the the demographics, you can get to know more about your customers from there, you can know where are they from, their gender, age, interest and even language. With that information you can see if you are reaching the right people or if you need to keep working on your targeting.

There’s still a lot of things you could do when promoting your business on Facebook, but these are some of the most important and more relevant that for sure will help your business’ community grow little by little. Let us know how this worked for you or if you have any other ideas that you have implemented before that helped you and can help other small business owners. We would love to hear them!

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