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Free Auto Repair Invoice Template

You might not believe it, but an auto repair invoice is a crucial piece of your business’ success. 

At a single glance, these slips of paper only help the client understand how much they have to pay. But what lies beneath the surface is so much more: they can help you look more professional, they’re bookkeeping tools, they’re also legal protection, and they can even be used for marketing. 

As you can see, the importance of an auto repair invoice is undeniable: it can help you get more clients and more profits.

But just a simple auto repair invoice won’t do the work; you need to have an attractive, professional, and thorough invoice. Now, you don’t need to hire a professional designer; we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and created a free template of an auto repair invoice you can download. 

Keep reading to discover the importance of a good invoice. You’ll also find our free auto repair invoice template and instructions on how to use it.

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The importance of a good auto repair invoice 

The truth is that a good-looking auto repair invoice can help your business look professional, and this, in turn, will help you get more clients.

But an invoice can do more than that:

1. Marketing

Believe it or not, an invoice can be a great marketing tool because the client will always review it. That means you can add a promotion or a discount there, and you can make sure the client will find it and use it.

2. Build loyalty

Client loyalty is very important, and the more professional you seem, the more possibilities you have that your client will keep coming to you. An invoice help legitimize your business and help the customer remember you.

Plus, you can add personalized notes to all your invoices (a simple and sincere “thank you” could suffice); while these messages might not seem important, they can help your customers fall in love with your business.

3. Bookkeeping and tax records

By keeping copies of all your invoices, you can track all the revenue coming in, making bookkeeping easier. They can also help when you file your taxes.

4. Legal protection (and get paid on time!)

An invoice is signed both by you and the customer, and it specifies the details of the work provided, the timeline, and the cost. Because of that, it can work as legal protection.

Plus, because the client signed the invoice with the payment date, that can help you get paid on time. 

5. Tracking inventory

If you sell your own inventory of auto parts, your invoices can help you keep track of how many you’ve sold, which greatly facilitates inventory management.

Download the FREE Auto Repair Invoice Template 

Auto Repair Invoice


How to use the auto repair invoice

1. Download the free auto repair invoice template.

2. Open the template on your computer and fill out the top section on both pages. The PDF is interactive, so you will be able to save the changes you make. You just need to add your business’ name and your business’ information (Address, phone number, email, website, etc.). Make sure you add this information to BOTH pages.

Auto Repair Invoice, INSTRUCTIONS

3. It’s CRUCIAL that you save the document, so you don’t lose these changes. Click on “File” and then on “Save.” If you don’t do this, you’ll have to add this information every single time you use the auto repair invoice template.

Auto Repair Invoice, INSTRUCTIONS

4. Now your invoice is ready to use!

You just need to print the file as many times as you need and fill it out with the correct information for each and every client.

The whole document can be edited on your computer. That way you can decide if you want to fill in the blanks by hand or just print everything.

What information do you need to add to the auto repair invoice?

Page 1

free Auto Repair Invoice, page 1

You should have already added your business information to the template, and if you saved the file, you won’t need to add it again and again, each time you need to create an invoice.

  • Invoice number: Here, add a unique number that will help you keep track and identify each individual invoice. This means you can never duplicate this number.
  • Invoice date: Here, you need to add the date when the invoice was generated.
  • Customer information: Fill this section with the customer’s information: name, address, phone number, email, etc.
  • Vehicle information: Make sure you add all the pertinent information about the car you’re about to repair.
  • Insurance information: Does the client have insurance that will help cover the costs? Add that here.
  • Terms and conditions: These could be instructions for the payment or the timeline agreed with the customer.
  • Notes: Here, you can add extra context, write special requests from the customer, or even any promotional offers or discounts.
  • Repairs needed: In these images, you need to circle what part of the car needs to be repaired; we also recommend specifying what was done exactly. 

Page 2

free Auto Repair Invoice, page 2

  • Services performed: Here, you need to add each individual service performed and its price. At the end of the section, add the subtotal (sum up all the items).
  • Parts: If you had to change any parts, add here the cost of the new parts. At the end of the section, add the subtotal (sum up all the items).
  • Total: Sum all the costs, add the pertinent tax and arrive at the grand total.
  • Signatures: This is an important part of your invoice. By signing it, both you and the customer agree to the terms, conditions, and timelines stipulated in the document.

And don’t forget to make a copy of the invoice for your own records!

Now that you know how to use this auto repair invoice template, you can start impressing your clients with a more professional business.

Man repairing car. Raising car hood. concept: Auto Repair Invoice

Download the FREE Auto Repair Invoice Template 

At Camino Financial, we always pride ourselves on helping small business owners via financing, education, and resources. We’re committed to helping you become more profitable; after all, our motto is “No Business Left Behind.”

Download the “FREE AUTO REPAIR INVOICE TEMPLATE” to offer your clients a better experience, grow your business and increase your profits.




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