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Food Delivery Apps That Work For Your Restaurant

It isn’t always convenient or possible for families to go out to eat, but with these food delivery apps, they can still order your food right from their own home.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest changes in the restaurant industry has been the introduction of food delivery apps. These apps allow their users to get any type of food delivered to their homes from the tip of their fingers. They can be extremely beneficial to your business.

Here we will discuss the 10 most popular food delivery apps including the benefits they provide and how you can get started working with them right away.

The Importance of Food Delivery Apps

You may think that you don’t need a food delivery app, after all, your regulars always go to your restaurant. Or maybe you have your own delivery service.

But that’s the thing, food delivery apps allow new customers to find your restaurant. There is a huge demand for online food ordering, many users of these apps are hungry and willing to try new restaurants, so if you take advantage of this, you can start growing your customer base.

Food Delivery Apps in the New Normal

COVID-19 came to wreak havoc to our world, and since then everything has changed.

At first, restaurants were allowed to stay open but only to offer delivery or curbside pickup. Now, that the quarantine restrictions are lifting, one would think that things would go back to normal, but we’re being faced with something entirely different.

The coronavirus pandemic changed how customers buy (maybe forever). The fear o0f getting sick while being in closed spaces is enough for some people to continue ordering food from the comfort of their homes.
So now, more than ever, it might be a great moment to take advantage of the benefits of these apps.

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps

1. Uber Eats

uber-eats logo. concept: food delivery apps

Uber Eats, the offshoot food delivery app from the driving company Uber is one of the most popular food delivery apps offered. While the app is certainly great for users, it provides numerous benefits to restaurants as well:

  • Clientele Expansion: Uber Eats can help grow your customer base by advertising your restaurant and menu to people that might have never seen or heard of you.
  • More Profits: Adding delivery services to your restaurant can increase your sales, but it comes with a price: it costs money to hire drivers, and that might be money you cannot afford. Uber Eats handles this for you assigning your drivers.
  • Fees: Uber Eats does collect a service fee from restaurants, which is calculated based on a percentage of the restaurant’s total sales.
  • How to Sign Up: Signing up for Uber Eats is fairly simple. Just go to their website, click on the “becoming a restaurant partner” page, and fill out a form with your restaurant’s information. From there, an Uber Eats representative will contact you with information regarding setting up your account, fees, etc.

2. DoorDash

doordash logo. concept: food delivery apps

DoorDash is one of the main competitors of Uber Eats. DoorDash does have a few features that you won’t find in most food delivery apps:

  • Catering/Special Delivery Help: Most food delivery services will only deliver food that is ordered through the app. DoorDash, however, offers the use of its drivers to partners (who pay a fee of course). That means if you have a large event to cater or have an order that you or your staff can’t deliver yourself, you can use one of DoorDash’s drivers.
  • Technology: DoorDash understands that not every restaurant can afford multiple computers or an advanced system. That is why you’ll receive your orders in the format of your choice. This includes mobile phone, tablet, or even fax.
  • Fees: Like UberEats, the fees partners pay to DoorDash are dependent on the contract and service agreement.
  • How to Sign Up: All you have to do to sign up for DoorDash is fill out a form on their website. A DoorDash representative will get in contact with you after you’ve completed the form.

How To Register Your Restaurant On The DoorDash App

3. GrubHub

grubhub logo. concpet: food delivery apps

GrubHub has recently become a food delivery juggernaut by acquiring different food service platforms like Foodler, Eat24, OrderUp, and Seamless. These apps either no longer exist or are merged with GrubHub; therefore, this platform uses the knowledge and practices of acquired apps to provide substantial benefits to its members:

  • Easy to Use Technology: When GrubHub acquired the aptly named Seamless, they were able to create a fantastic interface that makes using the app smoother for restaurants and customers alike.
  • Customer-Based: Foodler and Eat24 were well known for giving users suggestions based on customer reviews and rankings of local restaurants. That means that if your customers love your food, your restaurant could be suggested for even more users on the app.
  • Marketing Assistance: GrubHub offers partners free advertising by sending users email offers and coupons. This can allow you to grow your existing customer base.
  • Online Ordering Link: GrubHub will integrate your website with an easy to use online order link that streamlines the online ordering process for restaurants and users.
  • Fees: GrubHub describes how it calculates restaurant service fees with examples here.
  • How to Sign Up: Signing up for GrubHub is very easy. You simply fill in a few questions and wait for a GrubHub representative to reach out to you. You can learn more at the GrubHub site.

4. Postmates

postmates logo. concept: food delivery apps

Postmates was not originally created as a food delivery app, but it quickly became a fierce competitor to the Uber Eats and Grubhubs of the world. Postmates delivers groceries, clothes, and of course, restaurant-quality food. These are the benefits it can provide to your restaurant:

  • Availability: Postmates is available to use in over 250 locations in the United States and Mexico. That means that you will be able to work with Postmates no matter where in the U.S. you are located, and you will greatly increase your market reach by using the app.
  • Focus on Customer Experience: The last thing you want when using a food delivery app is an irate customer that didn’t get their order (or got an order that was damaged). Postmates takes this problem very seriously by vetting all of its drivers and ensuring that all products are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Fees: Like most other food delivery apps, the fee you may pay varies and is based on a service agreement created by both parties.
  • How to Sign Up: As with other food delivery apps, signing up to work with Postmates is as simple as filling in a few basic bits of information. You can check it out on their website.

5. Caviar

caviar logo. concept: food delivery apps

Caviar is an up and coming food delivery service that offers meals from a variety of high-end restaurants in major cities all around the U.S. Caviar offers users some nifty features like real-time GPS tracking of all orders. They also offer some great things to restaurant partners:

  • Advanced Logistics: Caviar offers advanced logistics for all partners that ensures smooth operation of orders, transportation, and delivery. There is also on-call support staff that will help partners through any issues that arise.
  • Customer Support: Caviar handles all aspects of customer service, customer support, and delivery logistics. All the partner needs to do is focus on making fantastic food.
  • Fees: Caviar’s fees are determined when creating the initial service agreement.
  • How to Sign Up: Caviar’s sign up process is a little different than other apps, as they do ask questions such as how many locations you have and some other logistical questions as far as your current delivery services go. You can see exactly what they ask for here.


delivery logo. concept: food delivery apps

The most comprehensive delivery app on the market, provides users with the ability to order alcohol, groceries, dry cleaning, and food from restaurants. Because it offers so many different areas of delivery it has quite a large user base, and its partners also receive very generous benefits:

  • Advertising Partnerships: com partners with search engines like Google and review sites like Yelp to drive traffic to your website. This allows your business to have much more reach online. also provides support through its own marketing and ads for your business.
  • Custom Websites: com offers a premium service of creating or modifying your current website to make it user-friendly. They also offer professional food photography for restaurants who really want to entice customers with their wares.
  • Fees: Fees for vary based on each merchant’s service agreement. Be sure to discuss it with a representative when signing up.
  • How to Sign Up: All you need to do is fill in a quick questionnaire on the website here.

7. Amazon Food Delivery

amazon logo. concept: food delivery apps

Amazon has shown it can be much more than a premier online marketplace, as it has recently dived into grocery delivery, book reading devices, and even food delivery. Amazon allows users to simply put in their zip code and find restaurants that deliver food. While Amazon delivery app is technically not the same as a full-fledged delivery service like GrubHub or DoorDash, the following features make it at least worth consideration:

  • Gigantic User Base: Amazon has become the biggest online marketplace in the United States, and having your restaurant on Amazon means that a lot of people could be exposed to your offerings.
  • Customer Service Assistance: Amazon has become huge for a reason. They pride themselves in creating efficient delivery practices and outstanding customer service, which means their partners only have to worry about serving a quality product.
  • Fees: Amazon charges a flat $39.99 fee to sign up as a seller and takes service fees based on the products sold.
  • How to Sign Up: Amazon requires all sellers to create an account on the website before filling out a form to become a merchant. You can visit their website here.

8. Food For All

food-for-all logo. concept: food delivery apps

Food For All is a delivery app that stands out from the crowd, as it combines food delivery with a social cause. The idea is to have users order the food from restaurants that hasn’t been used. The unique set up of the app offers a few advantages for partnering restaurants:

  • Better Public Image: Using Food For All shows that your business is dedicated to tackling a social issue that is on a lot of people’s minds. This could greatly improve your brand and attract new socially conscious customers as well.
  • Reduce Waste: No restaurant wants to waste food, as you might as well be throwing away the money for all the ingredients, preparation, etc. This app allows you to sell these unused meals (albeit at a discounted price) which means more money for you and less wasted effort!
  • Fees: Like many other food delivery apps, Food For All takes a small commission per order based on a service agreement.
  • How to Sign Up: All you need to do to sign up with Food For All is leave some contact info and general info about your business on their website

9. Waitr

waitr logo. concept: food delivery apps

Waitr is perfect for smaller markets and delivers some real value to both restaurants and consumers. For example, they will shoot your entire menu and will take care of all the menu onboarding through their menu specialist.

  • Making your menu shine: The menu manager toolkit of Waitr delivery app gives you the flexibility to edit your menu to fit your needs. You can easily disable items and adjust your menu based on inventory or promotions.
  • Instant updates for all parties involved: When you accept an order, customers and drivers are automatically updated via push notifications.
  • Availability: 70 cities in the U.S. What makes Waitr different is that most of them are not major cities, bringing the food delivery option to underserved communities.
  • Fees: A hefty up-front fee of $2,000.
  • How to Sign Up: Simply join in the app for restaurants, or chat live with one of their representatives for assistance.

10. Favor

favor logo. concept: food delivery apps

If you are located in Texas and even if your business is not a restaurant, your customers can greatly benefit if you get the Favor app. It gives users great flexibility in the way they order online since they can opt not only for just food deliveries, but also for groceries, clothing, and more.

  • Convenient and secure payment: Favor has a secure payment system made only in the app that doesn’t involve cash transactions.
  • Availability: Texas only.
  • Fees: Vary individually since you have the option to hire a fleet of runners by partnering with Favor
  • How to Sign Up: Complete a simple form in Favor For Merchants and they will contact you soon after.

What is the best food delivery app?

Per se, all these apps are amazing and it really depends on what you’re looking for.

Having said that, there are some apps that are more popular with diners, and we highly recommend you use those that your customers favor. As you can see in the following graph, DoorDash is practically the most popular app in many States.

Source: Second Measure

It’s also important to notice that Uber Eats is trying to buy Grubhub, which would make them the strength they need to rise to the top.

It’s time to get more diners

Food delivery apps are a great tool for growing your business. Which app you choose will depend on the needs of your business and the conditions that both companies offer. However, it can’t hurt to contact a few of them!

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