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Food Delivery Apps That Work For Your Restaurant

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One of the biggest changes in the restaurant industry has been the introduction of food delivery apps. These apps allow their users to get any type of food delivered to their homes from the tip of their fingers. They can be extremely beneficial to your business. It isn’t always convenient or possible for families to go out to eat, but with these apps, they can still order your food right from their own home. Here we will discuss two apps, Uber Eats and Doordash, the benefits they provide, and how you can get started working with them right away.

Food Delivery Apps: Uber Eats and DoorDash

Uber Eats

Uber Eats, the offshoot food delivery app from the driving company Uber, is one of the most popular food delivery apps offered. Users can browse restaurants through the app, determine their delivery time, and place an order. A delivery person will then deliver the food to the user’s location. While the app is certainly great for users, it provides numerous benefits to restaurants as well:

  • Clientele Expansion: Uber Eats can help grow your customer base by advertising your restaurant and menu to people that might have never seen or heard of you.
  • More Profits: Adding delivery services to your restaurant can increase your sales, at a price. It costs money to hire drivers, and that might be money you cannot afford to use. With Uber Eats, you will likely save money by having delivery services without the hassle of hiring drivers (although you will likely have to pay a portion of your profits or a fee to Uber Eats).

How To Sign Up: Signing up for Uber Eats is fairly simple. Just go to their website, click on the “becoming a restaurant partner” page, and fill out a form with your restaurant’s information. From there, an Uber Eats representative will contact you with information regarding setting up your account, fees, etc. Uber Eats will set up the food delivery service themselves, so all you have to do is make the food when the time comes!


DoorDash is the main competitor to Uber Eats. The idea and benefits it provides are very similar to Uber Eats, although DoorDash does offer one special benefit: They will help you with any delivery, even if it wasn’t placed in their app. So if you need a special delivery, or need to get more food for a big event, you can call on a “Dasher” (DoorDash employee) to help.

How To Sign Up: Much like Uber Eats, all you have to do to sign up for DoorDash is fill out a form on their website. The good news is that this form is much shorter than the one on Uber Eats, so it shouldn’t take very long to fill out. A DoorDash representative will get in contact with you after you’ve completed the form.

Final Thoughts

Food delivery apps are a great tool for growing your business. Which app you choose will depend on the needs of your business and the conditions that both companies offer. However, it can’t hurt to contact them both!

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