Carlos Trelles, CEO of Axon
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Customer Success Story: Carlos Trelles, Axon Marketing & Communications

Carlos is the proud owner of Axon Marketing & Communications, a consulting firm in Integrated Marketing Communications with more than 12 years of experience implementing digital marketing, public relations, advertising, and marketing strategies for Latin America and the United States, for both its Spanish and English-speaking markets.

“My Strong Personal Credit Opened Doors”

He appreciates how his strong personal credit has played a big part in the success of his business’ growth. In fact, maintaining a healthy relationship with Camino Financial has resulted in his bank and other lenders extending him credit he previously didn’t have access to.

“My personal credit has been a vital part of the future of my business because it’s helped me secure capital to invest in its growth and has helped my business establish lending relationships. I knew early on that as a small business owner my personal credit tells the lenders a background story about who I am. My credit is a financial story about being trustworthy with credit lines by showing a good and steady payment history. It paints a picture to the lender about how I manage the business and its financial affairs.”

“I Chose the Right Capital Solution for My Business”

“As an international company, it hasn’t been easy to access traditional funding through a bank. Therefore, I had to look outside the bank for opportunities to access capital. I was happy I found Camino Financial because they’ve helped me meet my business’ current capital needs and it also has helped my business build credit.”

Since I received the loan from Camino Financial, my bank has increased my commercial credit card limit and I’ve had other credit card companies offer me high credit lines. My credit capacity has increased. I know that running up credit cards is not the right solution for my business so I’ve chosen to continue working with Camino Financial on a fixed fully amortized term loan.”

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