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Customer Success Story: Juan Estay, Estyco Inc.

This story illustrates why you shouldn’t loan stack and why you should stay connected with Camino Financial.

Juan Estay, Estyco Inc. imports fruit and wine from South America (Chile & Peru) and works directly with the growers and distributes the product to wholesalers here in the United States. Juan came to Camino Financial 6 months ago and we funded him but not for the full loan amount he had requested.

Before closing the loan, we explained that we’d consider increasing the loan amount by 40% after six months if he made all his payments on time. After six months, we extended him the additional capital he requested.  Juan had paid on time, didn’t loan stack and continued building his personal credit.  Not only did he get access to more capital, but his monthly payment went down since we dropped the interest rate and extended the loan term from 12 to 18 months.

To get the same results as Juan:

– Make your payments on time.

– Maintain or build your credit score.

– Reinvest in your business to create value.

– Most importantly, Don’t Loan Stack!

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