Oscar Lopez Deli 23
Yvette Salas
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Customer Success Story: Óscar’s Journey, From a Vision to a Reality

After being a loyal customer at his favorite sandwich shop, Óscar López resolved that one day he would run the business. First, he became an employee and worked in the shop for two years. Then, when the opportunity arose, he purchased the shop. What started as a vision became a reality. This required hard work and creativity.

Today, Deli 23 is a thriving business. Óscar embodies the American Dream. He seized the opportunity, embraced the challenge, and is now a proud entrepreneur.

His Story

The Goal

Óscar had clear goals. He knew he had to invest capital to make some improvements. He started with a makeover to the dining area. He also bought new equipment to improve the workflow and better serve the clients.

“The business had so much potential. I needed to invest capital to ease my employees work, and always with customer service in mind.”

Óscar’s Camino Experience

A lender that understands your business needs and funds you after a short period of time in operations.

“When I first applied with Camino Financial I had only 3 months in operations. They told me I would have to wait 9 months to get a loan. That’s the minimal requirement and is still very fast. We stayed in touch, they understood my needs, and funded my business right at 9 months in operations.”

A business loan at a price that makes sense

“Before coming to Camino Financial I applied with three different lenders online. I was never approved. I was only approved for a merchant cash advance loan but it was too expensive. Then I found Camino Financial. I’ve seen a jump in my business credit, and it’s allowed me to access higher credit lines.”

Great customer service from a lender you can trust

“I like working with the team at Camino Financial. They’re very professional and they understood my needs. I’m grateful that they placed their trust in me and in the success of my business.”

Easy, fast, and pain-free process

“It’s been very easy. I’ve already accessed two business loans with Camino Financial, and I am very happy with the service I’ve received.”

“I have always been a planner and it has helped me tremendously in achieving my goals, especially now, as a business owner.”

The Result

A new look, happier customers and employees, and big plans for the future.

With the help of Camino Financial, Óscar was able to buy new equipment for the deli, and new tables and chairs for the dining area. He also invested on the storefront to bring in more foot traffic. These changes have brought more clients, and Óscar has now plans to expand Deli 23 throughout San Francisco, California.

“It’s amazing how the new equipment has improved the efficiency and allowed us to handle a higher volume of clients. I can provide my customers with better service, and my employees are working more comfortably. I’m working hard to take the business further: I’m planning to expand and open more locations in San Francisco.”

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