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How to Master Your Credit and Cash Flows

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Two keys to unlock growth in your business are having good credit history and strong cash flows. Without any of these two keys, you’ll undoubtedly find it more challenging to access capital and take your business to new heights.

As featured in the show Emprendedores on Discovery en Español, our business experts Sean & Kenny Salas have consulted hundreds of businesses, resulting in increased profits and access to capital.

You can take advantage of this expert advice by requesting a Credit & Cash Flow Evaluation.  This evaluation includes a 30-minute consultation, a deep dive analysis of your credit and cash flows, and recommendations on how to improve your numbers.

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Why Get a Credit Evaluation?

  • Learn how to build and improve credit
  • Compare your profit margins against other companies in the same industry
  • Increase your earnings by 10% by assessing your cash flows
  • Follow our action plan to qualify for a loan

What’s in the Evaluation?

Personal Credit Review

After completing our loan application (which does not impact your credit), we’ll give you your FICO score and outline the six most important factors impacting your credit score.

Business Cash Flows Review

We will analyze your bank activity to show your profit margins in comparison to the competition, give your cash management goals, and offer other personalized tips to maximize the profitability of your business.

Your Working Capital Options

Whether you’re seeking a working capital loan or not, you should always know your options and what you need in order to obtain them. We’ll prescreen your business for the: i) CF Microloan, ii) CF SB Loan, iii) SBA Loan and iv) Traditional Line of Credit. You’ll also receive guidance on the personal credit and cash flows requirements to qualify.

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