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Creative Small Business Ideas

Sometimes people can’t seem to be able to pursue both their passion and entrepreneurship desires because they feel those two things don’t mix.  

Other few have amazingly creative small business ideas but are not sure if they could make them a reality.

Can you relate any of these situations?

Then maybe it’s time to consider some creative small business ideas that can combine all your wishes and needs.

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Starting a Business Post-COVID

When the idea of creative small business ideas comes to mind, you probably think that you need to invent something revolutionary, something that has never been seen before. Fortunately, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

For example, Airbnb and WeWork took ideas that already existed, gave them a twist, and took them to the next level.

Why were they so successful? Their concepts were not only creative and different, but they offered something the competition didn’t.

That’s precisely what you need to do now more than ever. The pandemic has turned everything upside down, and it will take a creative mind to solve the new problems of the post-COVID consumer.

How to come up with creative small business ideas

Here’s what you could do:

  • Try analyzing the market

Is there something you could offer that people would use, but they still don’t know they need? Take a cue from Uber, people didn’t know they needed to be able to get cabs from their phones, and now it’s our go-to option.

Make sure you offer a marketable product or service with sufficient demand for it to make a profit.

  • Consider your hobbies

After all, you must be an expert on them. Could you start a business from one of them? Maybe you love coffee and comic books; you could open a comic café. This way, not only you’ll be around what you love, but your expertise could give you that extra that the competition doesn’t have.

  • Find a niche

Some niches aren’t getting enough attention from other businesses. More than ever, new niches are blooming everywhere, and you could take advantage of them.

Restaurants are a great example; now, some people follow different and very particular diets: organic, vegan, keto, gluten-free, etc. If you cater to one of these (very specific) needs, you’ll have half of the battle won.

Just remember that marketing is key to success for niche businesses. When you know the basic concepts in marketing, you can increase awareness of your product or service -which is probably low and educate your potential customers.

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10 Creative Small Business Ideas

Here is a list of some creative small business ideas that you can use as a source of inspiration, which will lead you to the right business idea. Keep in mind that these are just your starting point, it’s up to you to take them to the next level by injecting some of your creativity into them!

1. Exotic Food

Are you from what is considered an “exotic country”? Maybe you could start a restaurant or food truck (or even a pop-up restaurant) that sells typical food from your country. Most people don’t have a chance to taste these exotic dishes, so they will be curious about it and will want to try it out, and if you’re a great cook, they’ll never stop going.

2. Furniture Restoration

Instead of making furniture, you could upscale or restore old furniture and give it your unique twist. If you’re a skilled and handy person who is creative and likes to improve different objects, then this job is perfect for you. Nowadays, people love customized, environmentally friendly solutions with an original look.

3. Writer

People that are good with words can also work as copywriters or bloggers. Besides, you could start a marketing agency that revolves around creative written content instead of the usual marketing agencies that rely on images and traditional advertising. Words sell, so it’s no wonder why today there is a high demand for content creators.

4. Fashion Designer

If you’re a fashionista, try being a clothes and apparel designer: you could do something as simple as designing graphic t-shirts or patches, or as elaborate as making dresses or gowns for specific niches. This is an excellent way to express your creativity and play with different ideas. Your talent definitely won’t go unnoticed.

5. Photographer

If a camera is your best friend, almost as much as your dog, try opening a photo studio for pets. This can be a great business opportunity because these kinds of studios aren’t that widespread yet, but pet owners would gladly create new memories with their furry friends.

6. Alternative Tourism

What about alternative tourism? Some people don’t enjoy going to the same old museums or classic sights. You could offer different tours, like horror legends tours or tours based on the events of a book, movie or tv show. Just find some local particularity or curiosity and get down to business.

7. Teacher

Are you fluent in a foreign language? Can you write a job landing resume or motivational letter? Maybe running your Instagram profile and gaining new followers is a child’s play for you. Perhaps you’re great at playing some uncommon instrument. Find your strengths and a skill you excel in and become a tutor or teacher.

8. Designer

If you’re an organized, neat, and creative person, consider offering redesigns to apartments or even decorating for parties or holidays (like Halloween or Christmas). People usually don’t have the strength to decorate their homes the way they’d like to. If you’re good at this, you’d definitely find customers. Leverage this opportunity and start a decorating business.

9. Daycare

Are you good with children and enjoy playing with them? You could consider opening a daycare facility. Becoming a licensed child care provider isn’t so tricky, but keep in mind that requirements may vary by state. It’s an excellent option for parents who want to work from home and have enough creativity and energy to create new games and keeping up with children.

10. Mix It Up!

How about starting a small business that combines two services or places in one? For instance, a bar and laundromat. That way, people could enjoy a cup of coffee or sipping a cold beer while having their laundry done. There could be infinite combinations, just look for demands in your neighborhood or town.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list, it’s just the push maybe you needed to get your creative juices going. Remember that there will always be an idea for everyone; you just need to be business savvy to find the creative small business idea that fits your personality.

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Get creative and get into the business

Being an entrepreneur and starting your own business is possible if you have the drive, the creativity, and if you’re business savvy. Do you need to expand your education in finances and small businesses?

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