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COO Kenny Salas Receives Toigo’s Blazing Trails Award

Last night, I shared the same stage as the Former First Lady Michelle Obama, CNN Contributor Van Jones and received the most honorable award of my life.

On behalf of Camino Financial, I was granted the Blazing Trails Award from the Toigo Foundation, a non-profit with the mission of increasing diversity at the highest ranks of the financial world.

I’ll confess that I experienced a couple moments of doubt before I received the award. At the Honoree Reception where we awaited Mrs. Obama, I felt a little awkward to be the youngest guy in the room surrounded by financial executives I read about in the Wall Street Journal.

Even as I heard Mrs. Obama speak on stage, I couldn’t believe that I would follow her act. I have given speeches before but this was the first time I had to speak at a luxurious hall in Manhattan with over 1,000 people who paid hundreds of dollars to have a seat at the formal event.
Just for a split second, I questioned if I really deserved this honor.

But these doubts soon dissolved as Carmen Heredia-Lopez, the Director of Investments at W.K. Kellogg Foundation, spoke about what we have achieved together at Camino Financial. At that moment, I couldn’t be more proud to represent my clients and our stellar team who have put their trust in me and my brother to change our world for the good.

Although we’re small in comparison to the multi-billion dollar funds present at the dinner, our passion to think differently to help our community makes us what Michelle Obama coins a “small giant.” A small company that strives for greatness.

Now, the most powerful people on Wall Street are watching us.

Lets use this recognition as a springboard to help more small businesses learn, grow and succeed. Our people need us so there are only three directions where we can go: upward, forward or ONWARD.

Juntos Adelante,


Kenny Salas
COO of Camino Financial

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