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You wouldn’t make a financial decision without first comparing rates and asking questions, right? We totally understand. That’s why we created this easy tool for you to use

Compare Rate & Terms

Identify & compare your funding options using our dynamic tool by answering six simple questions:


See what loans you qualify for and compare

APR Range

Annualized Percentage Rates (APR) vary widely based on FICO score, profitability, years in operation, and type of businesses.


Payment Terms

Loan payback period


Time to Funding

Expected timing to receive funds from upon submitting application.



Check represents pre-qualified for loan; X represents unqualified for loan. Pre-qualification based on borrower meeting minimal requrements


Learn More6% – 13%5 – 25 Years30 – 60 Days
Learn More7% – 30%1 – 5 Years1 – 2 Weeks
Learn More7% – 18%1 – 4 Years1 – 4 Weeks
Learn More1.5% – 3.0% of InvoicesOngoing1 – 5 Days
Learn More7% – 36%Ongoing1 – 4 Weeks
Learn More15% – 60%6 – 18 Months1 -3 Days
Learn More25% – 80%6 – 18 Months1 -3 Days
* Based on Camino Financial customer information & market data. Rates and terms may vary substantially upon completion of full application.