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Community Letter: Camino Financial Raises $2 Million in Venture Capital

Have you ever seen the face of a disillusioned business owner?

We clearly remember the face of our mom, driving back to Mexico in a stuffy, old van.  We were leaving our beautiful home in Hidden Hills (where the Hollywood elite currently live).

Till this day, we remember our mom’s face full of regret from sacrificing years with her six children and millions in savings to operate her Mexican restaurant chain.  We were driving back to Mexico because she just lost her business.

Kenny and I were only twelve years old at the time.

Our life path was carved forever.

Today, we continue together to march forward and fulfill our ongoing promise that no small business owner will EVER be left behind.  We proudly announce Camino Financial has raised an additional $2 million in equity financing to fund our ongoing growth to make a difference in the lives of millions of underbanked businesses throughout the U.S. (click here to read full press release).

Over the course of the last 18 months, we have advised thousands of business owners and originated millions in small business loans.  We have set out to accomplish the “impossible” task of making knowledge and capital seamlessly accessible to underbanked businesses.

How do we do this?

If the answer you are thinking is technology – you’ve only figured out 1/2 of the formula.

Technology has only played a transformative role in making the loan application process quicker, simpler and more expensive. Yes, you heard the last part correctly. Small business loans rates and terms have been the most punitive in the history of small business lending.  The dissatisfaction of online lending is apparent in the abysmally low client satisfaction rates of 15%, as recorded by a small business survey conducted by the Fed.  However, technology has opened the capital flood gates to countless small business owners who otherwise could not get a loan from a bank.  Rates in many cases are “reasonably” higher as private and institutional investors, with higher risk appetite than banks, lend to SMBs through tech platforms distributing loans.  So while the online lending space is not perfect, we could leverage technology and a new pool of investors to make loans more accessible.

The second half of our success formula relies on the COMMUNITY.


Only together with the collaboration of small business owners, investors, political and media influencers, and BANKS will we find innovative ways to better service small businesses.  The FinTech evolution in the SMB space is still in its infancy and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.  There are countless of untapped markets still craving for attention.  At Camino Financial, we plan to be the BEST at lending to Hispanic-owned businesses, the largest and fastest growing underbanked business segment in the U.S.

Our success only exist if you (yes YOU) are onboard.

Only together can we begin to brainstorm and design new capital markets strategies that will transform the small business lending landscape forever.  Only together can we use technology to make loans cheaper, terms more favorable and capital more accessible.  Only together can we build communities one business at a time.

At Camino Financial we will live and die according to these guiding principles.  Our promise to our mom continues as we reach our next phase of growth.

Juntos Adelante,


Sean & Kenny Salas

Co-Founders of Camino Financial


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