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Community Letter: Countdown to Make a Difference

Yesterday Kenny and I got off the phone with Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of VotoLatino.  Her marching orders were clear: “I don’t care who people vote for, but encourage Latinos to go out and VOTE!”

In this negative political climate, it is imperative that Latinos and non-Latinos exercise our responsibility to vote.  In California, the countdown to register is only 5 days away on Monday, October 24th.

Here are reasons why Californians need to register to vote TODAY:

  • We know that our state is often overlooked, but there are 7 million eligible Latinos in our state, and with us, we can dominate not only local elections, but national elections as well
  • And we need you to show up on November 8th
  • Sure, our state might not be up for grabs in the presidential election, but every vote we cast against hate is another vote for good
  • Because as California goes, so goes the rest of the country
  • We need Latinos here to vote in record numbers because the more people who vote, the stronger our political representation
  • As Latinos, we have the future of our country in our hands. But we absolutely have to show up. Otherwise, the political rhetoric against Latinos may even get worse

Registering to vote in California takes 5 to 10 minutes.  Register here.

Not sure if you are registered to vote? Check here.

Once you are registered to vote, share on Facebook with the hashtag #IAmAmerica #CaminoFinancial, and we will send you a free Registered2Vote wristband.

Today you have the power to change the political agenda towards Latinos for you and YOUR CHILDREN.  But only if you go out and VOTE. Register NOW.


Juntos, adelante,

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Sean y Kenny Salas

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