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Commercial Construction Loans

Accessing a commercial construction loan is crucial to thriving in the industry.

That’s why, at Camino Financial, our mission is to help business owners like you build their dreams by providing financial products specific to your company’s needs.

Our lending products have competitive rates and terms to help you grow. Plus, our outstanding customer service set us apart in the lending industry.

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What Is A Commercial Construction Loan?

It’s money that helps construction business owners finance all costs associated with building or renovation projects.

You can use the funds from a construction loan to pay for all the materials needed for a project and the labor that helps get the work done.

Accessing commercial building loans is extremely important to businesses in the industry. These financing products help businesses of all sizes fund the cost of their projects, which can be very expensive.

Who Can Benefit?

In general, the types of companies that can benefit from getting a loan for the construction of commercial properties are:

  • Construction businesses that run entire projects
  • Contractors who only handle parts of a job
  • Architects who design projects
  • Surveyors who need to ensure land is safe for building

Our Commercial Construction Loan Interest Rates, Terms, Amounts, And Requirements

At Camino Financial, we have flexible construction business loan requirements so you can get the capital you need.

We accept applications from people who don’t have a previous credit history. Plus we accept ITIN if you don’t have an SSN.

We have three commercial building loans to help you invest in your business. Here are some basic details of each:

Startup Loans

Amount$1,500 to $7,500
Type of paymentMonthly
Repayment terms12 to 36 months
Type of rateFixed
Origination fee$90 in California, $0 in Florida (included in the APR)
  • monthly income of $1,500
  • have a bank account that’s been active for at least 6 months

*Our startup loans might not be available everywhere.

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Amount$5,100 to $35,000
Type of paymentMonthly
Repayment terms24 to 36 months
Type of rateFixed
Origination fee6.99% of the amount
  • monthly revenue of or $2,500 (or $30,000 per year)
  • have an active and registered business for at least 9 months

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Small Business Loans

Amount$10,000 to $400,000
Type of paymentMonthly
Repayment terms24 to 36 months
Type of rateFixed
Origination fee5% of the amount
  • monthly revenue of or $2,500 (or $30,000 per year)
  • have an active and registered business for at least 9 months

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How Can Commercial Construction Loans Help You?

The best construction loan allows you to use the capital for several purposes. Here are some ways you can use construction financing:

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Buy Or Repair Equipment

Commercial construction projects need heavy equipment and machinery, which your business might not own.

Or maybe you do, but it requires updating. This could be a significant expense.

The same goes if you do own it, but it needs repairs.

You can use commercial construction loan funds to lease or buy the equipment you need.

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Fund Manual Labor

Successful commercial construction projects require many workers.

Without quality and experienced workers, a project will most likely fail. However, with sufficient financing, you can hire workers or finance payroll.

A loan can also help you finance training to improve your employees’ skills and knowledge.

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Purchase Land

Some projects demand companies to buy the land where they want to build.

Even if that’s not the case, you may need to renovate it, so it’s safe for building.

With a construction loan, you can use the money to fund the purchase and renovation of the land.

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Cash Flow

A commercial construction loan can even help improve your cash flow, which is essential to the day-to-day health of any business.

Having a positive cash flow allows you to cover all your bills, and pay suppliers and subcontractors.

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Other Expenses

You can also fund operating expenses, marketing, insurance, inventory, payroll, or taxes.

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How To Apply For Commercial Construction Loans?

Camino Financial’s commercial loan application is simple, straightforward, and pain-free. There are only four steps that you need to take:

illustration of man sitting on a pile of money

1. Apply

You can complete our quick lending process entirely online.

The application form will ask for basic information about you and your business.

2. Share additional information

We’ll ask you to upload supporting documentation.

This might include business financial statements or your identification.

3. Accept The Loan Terms

Upon approval, you will get to view the loan terms offered to you.

If you like what you see, sign on the dotted line.

4. Receive The Funds

Once you’ve accepted the terms, we will deposit the funds into your account.

You’ll be ready to grow your construction business in no time.

*Depending on the type of loan you qualify for, this process may vary.

Camino Financial, One Of The Best Commercial Construction Loan Lenders

Not only do we offer great commercial construction financing, but we also have many other benefits:

  • After completing the application, you get an instant pre-qualification decision
  • Applying won’t hurt your credit score
  • We offer unsecured business loans for construction, so no collateral is required, and we don’t ask for a down payment.
  • Access more cash with  better terms after 8 timely payments
  • If you want to pay off your loan early, we won’t charge you prepayment penalties
  • Receive personal assistance in Spanish or English
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How do commercial construction loans work?

Commercial construction loans help small businesses finance the cost of various expenses. To get one, you need to apply with your desired lender, share supporting documentation and wait for a credit decision.

How hard is it to get a commercial construction loan?

It’s more challenging to get a commercial construction loan than traditional commercial financing. However, some lenders have an easy application process with flexible qualifications.

What are interest rates on a construction loan?

Commercial construction loan rates are typically lower than other lending products. Annual interest rates range anywhere from 20% to 40%.

The rate depends on the type of commercial construction loan you choose and your business and personal credit situation.

How to use a construction loan?

Small business owners can use a loan for a construction project or several purposes. This could include:

  • paying for employees who work on the project
  • covering construction costs
  • acquiring the land and materials necessary to complete the project
  • purchasing or renovating land
  • financing labor costs, equipment, and material costs

*Terms and requirements subject to change without notice.

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