Vector seamless with bright hand drawn marigolds with watercolor texture. Perfect for textile for Mexican traditional holiday Day of the dead or for Indian holiday Diwali. concept: dia de muertos
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Celebrate Día de Muertos with Camino Financial

Vector horizontal banner with traditional Mexican paper cutting flags. Isolated on black background. concept: día de muertos

At Camino Financial, we are very proud of our Latino cultural roots. That’s why we are always looking for ways to honor the traditions of our families.

Día de Muertos is a very important celebration for us: many of our team members fondly remember how, in their childhoods, they’d put an altar or ofrenda with their parents and grandparents. Today, we all want to keep this tradition going by creating our own ofrendas and sharing the beauty of this celebration with you.

In 2003, UNESCO declared this celebration as part of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

We believe that an ofrenda is one of the most beautiful ways to honor our families and loved ones because it celebrates how colorful and sweet life can be. 


Marigold flowers are like orange sunsets that remind us of past summers when we laughed and enjoyed with friends.

día de muertos, cempasúchil

The papel picado creates a kaleidoscope of all the bright emotions we feel with the memories of our families.

día de muertos, papel picado

The pan de muerto is a sweet reminder that good times are not gone; they always stay in our hearts.

día de muertos, pan de muerto

And the candles light the road ahead of us so we know that the future can always be brighter.

día de muertos, candle


On this day, we celebrate and remember. But we can also showcase how proud we feel of being immigrant business owners.

We want to celebrate this day with you so that, together, we can honor this tradition of yore. Why? Because you’re part of our familia.

This year, we decided to honor, in our ofrenda, all those loans that have been paid off, which brought us a lot of success. As business owners, we know that opportunities come and go, but it is important to remember everything that helped us grow and build a better future.

The whole Camino Financial team hopes that you and your loved ones have a happy Día de Muertos where you honor your culture and your ancestors.

Celebrate this holiday with us! 

You can create your own ofrenda and be part of this beautiful tradition by downloading these printable resources created by Betsabeé Romero, a Mexican artist.


Juntos Adelante


Vector horizontal banner with traditional Mexican paper cutting flags. Isolated on black background. concept: día de muertos


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