preparing your small business for the worst

How to Prepare your Small Business for a Natural Disaster


A lot of the times, we are so overwhelmed running a business that we forget we could lose everything ...

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5 Types of Laws Small Business Owners Should Be Aware Of


One of the worst things that can happen to any small business is to receive a court summons. Lawsuits ...

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Maja Mirosavljevic

Is It Time for a Business Makeover?


Do you lie awake at night thinking about your business and wondering why it came to a standstill? You ...

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5 Keys to Write a Solid Business Contract


If you are looking to open or expand a business, you're going to need to hire workers. You may ...

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10 Easy Steps to Develop a Strategic Plan for Your Small Business


Building a strategic plan for your business sounds like something hard and expensive. A luxury that only big companies ...

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Julio Mireles by one of his food carts.
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