How To Hedge Against Inflation And Keep Your Finances Safe

Knowing how to hedge against inflation will allow you to keep your money from losing value during this negative economic ...

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The Best 12 Money Management Classes And Courses: Personal Finances

Money management classes and courses help you to improve your financial literacy. Then, by developing good financial habits, you'll be ...

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How to Do a SWOT Analysis With Examples: 2022 Guide

A SWOT analysis is a great way for small businesses to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In addition, it ...

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what is leasing

What Is A Lease: All You Need to Know About It

Maybe you don’t know precisely what is a lease about or how it works. You must understand that leasing is ...

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Hiring Your First Employee: Tips for Success

Hiring Your First Employee: Tips for Success

Congratulations! Hiring your first employee is an amazing achievement. Adding a person to your staff indicates you've grown your business. Still, ...

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Sign text closeup for help wanted, Hiring Your First Employee
June 30, 2021 | Betsy Wise

Congratulations! Hiring your first employee is an amazing achievement. Adding a person to your staff indicates you’ve grown your Read More

Latin american businessman and female trainee at job interview at office of start up company. concept: W2 vs 1099
February 26, 2021 | Cedric Jackson

Before hiring workers, it’s important to understand two different hiring methods: W2 vs 1099. On the surface, both types Read More

Portrait of successful young business team posing in office. Concept: contractor vs employee: what's the difference?
July 13, 2019 | Oscar Muñoz

Hiring new talent is vital for the growth of any company. An employee or a contractor can bring fresh Read More

Businessman shaking hands with woman besides people waiting for job interview in a modern office. Concept: How to Hire Students For Your Small Business
June 18, 2019 | Moses Will

Most of the times, if not all, hiring new employees is synonymous with business growth. And growth is the Read More

Handshake of african american male intern after job interview for the internship program at office of a small business. Concept: How and why to start an internship program in your small business
May 16, 2019 | Maja Mirosavljevic

An internship program is great not only for employers but for the interns themselves. No wonder why they’re having Read More

Young happy multiracial professionals or company staff looking at camera smiling. Concept: employees' salary
March 13, 2019 | Jordan Schneir

Calculating your employees’ salary is a key task for any small business. Every successful company relies on a team Read More

Male and female coworkers discussing in office over some documents. Concept: how to resolve conflict between employees
March 12, 2019 | Suzanne Llanera

As a key manager or a small business owner, learning how to resolve conflict between employees should be one Read More

Female employeer at ther office firing a female employee. Concept: How to fire an employee
March 5, 2019 | Betsy Wise

From the onset, releasing an employee is never fun or easy. Emotions run high: firing an employee is uncomfortable Read More

Young candidates sitting and waiting for a job interview. The business owner is talking to one of the candidates. Concept: how to hire employees.
March 3, 2019 | Betsy Wise

Employees are the lifeline for any business and entrepreneur. More than likely as a small business owner, you’re also Read More

Happy male doctor discussing with patient at table in clinic. Concept: healt insurance options
November 3, 2018 | Maria Arnedo

Did you know that medical bills are the single largest contributor to bankruptcies in the United States? Unfortunately, too Read More