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Best Security Cameras for Your Small Business

Nearly 1 in 10 small businesses in the US last year were victims of burglaries or thefts. On average, this costs any business owner approximately $8,000 out of pocket. In most cases, these incidents can be easily prevented with the proper or best security cameras. So, if you haven’t taken the steps to protect your business from burglary or theft, now is the time to invest in the best security cameras for your business.

The best small business security cameras include systems that can simply join your Wi-Fi to relay footage directly to your phone, whenever and wherever you are. Also, they don’t require professional installation. We did the research so you don’t have to, and we found the following 10 to be the best security cameras for your small business.

Top 10 Small Business Security Cameras 

What is the best security camera for a small business?

Below you’ll find our selection of the best security cameras you can easily install in your business. Their prices range widely, so for your convenience we’ve organized this list from the lowest to the highest price.

Canary View Indoor Security Camera          

For those only worried about what’s going on inside their business, this is one of the best security cameras to fit your needs. This camera offers intelligent motion detection (which means no recording dead air), ambient light sensors (that configures its lighting to match the time of day) and a capacitive touch sensor. You can set it to automatically disarm and arm itself based on time of day on the accompanying app. The privacy features are also great: there’s a privacy mode that lets you automatically shut down the feed (and the microphone) at the touch of your app. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $49

Reolink RLC 410

What’s great about this specific security camera is that it can record and surveil your premises for up to 100 feet away. The viewing angle is a significant 80 degrees. You can schedule motion detection, so it doesn’t interfere during normal business hours, and it will send you a motion alert when the detector is activated.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $60

Spy Tec Zetta Z2

If you’re looking for one of the best security cameras that no one else can see, this is your best bet. It’s credit-card-size lengthwise and small enough to tuck into your hand; it’s tiny without sacrificing features. You can cover up the entire camera and still record as long as the little pinhole lens isn’t blocked. This camera won’t record in pitch dark, but it can handle low lighting.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $70

D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera

The small IP camera (which means “Internet Protocol” i.e. a digital camera commonly used for surveillance) offers a simple and cost-effective form of security, recording a 180-degrees view when its motion sensors are triggered. Plus, download its free app and you can have your eye on your business from anywhere.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $90.00

Logitech Circle

If you’re on the hunt for a simple, but one of the best security camera options, try this all-seeing eyeball pick that records the day’s activity. It includes a day view that shows edited highlights of the day and an internal battery, making it a great solution for a no-fuss wireless installation. The only catch is it works best with a paid monthly subscription, but if you’re looking for convenience, you’ve found it here.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $92.84


Notable for its free seven-day iCloud storage of recording, this small camera can be considered a cyber aficionado’s dream. Yes, it’s even compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Queue in: “Alexa, guard my business” and get an indoor view with night vision.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $100

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera

If you want the best indoor and outdoor security camera from the same brand, Zmodo has got your back. It is wireless and weatherproof, working both indoors and outdoors. The viewing angle is in excess of 80 degrees and the cameras can reach up to 65 feet in night vision mode. Night vision turns on automatically at dark. Monitor the coverage via an Android, iOS device, or simply use your Internet browser.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $115 (set of 4)

ZOSI Security Recorder

If you’re looking for several security cameras for a good price, this is your guy -or guys. ZOSI includes a DVR recorder for indoor use and four weatherproof outdoor cameras too. The recorder will automatically record over old footage if you instruct it. The camera is motion triggered to prevent you from watching dead air hours at an end. You’ll have to purchase an internal hard drive separately.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $120

Netatmo Presence  

If you have a higher budget, the Netatmo Presence is a great investment. Not only does this outdoor camera offer 24-hour surveillance in full HD, but it acts as a security light whenever motion is detected. Plus, it differentiates between the movement of a person, animal or machine so that your alerts are more targeted.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $291

Blink XT Outdoor Security System

On the pricer end of security systems is the Blink XT. This one is specially designed for those business owners with warehouses or businesses that are more prone to theft from the outside. The camera is weatherproof, and has motion-detecting capabilities, meaning that when its motion sensors are triggered it will alert you. It’s battery-powered and the company promises up to 2 years of battery life. The best part: it’s Amazon-affiliated so it works as easy as Amazon products and it’s controlled via the Blink app, which is Alexa friendly.

Most inexpensive price: Amazon, $320

How Do I Choose a Security Camera?

The following guidelines will help you choose the best small business security cameras depending on your purposes.

  1. Consider the location of your cameras: Choose your business security cameras depending on where you plan to install them. Are they going to supervise the points of entry to your business? Will they be placed indoors or outdoors? In the second case, make sure to select weatherproof security cameras.
  2. Choose for installers that are also vendors: Installation companies that are also vendors can offer you guidance on their range of products, their pros and cons, and will have more options for you to choose.
  3. Choose a vendor that provides a security risk assessment and evaluation: A security risk assessment evaluation will give you a comprehensive understanding of the gaps in the current design of your business. You’ll know exactly where to place your security cameras for optimal performance.
  4. Look for cameras that are wireless / Wi-Fi compatible? This type of security cameras connects to your home Wi-Fi allowing you to monitor footage through any smart whenever and wherever you are.
  5. Consider the quality of the image: Depending on the purpose of your security system, consider features like how far and wide the security cameras can see, the quality of the image in dark conditions, or the recording resolution you need.

Last Considerations

Any business, big or small, is susceptible to suffering burglary or theft. You don’t have to be in a high-crime area to implement the best security cameras you can find. The benefits of owning a security camera are endless. As you read above, there’s a camera for every budget, and a small investment is meaningless compared to the peace of mind you can get and to the money you can save in the unexpected happens.

But buying high-quality small business security cameras (or enough equipment to cover a large area) can involve a large expense up front. If you don’t have a large budget at the moment, consider taking out a business loan.

A business loan can provide you with the funds you need to upgrade your business facilities. Look for a lender with minimum requirements, fast funding, and favorable terms. A small business loan from Camino Financial could be the answer to start investing in your business security in no time without stressing your finances. Request a loan quote: it won’t impact your credit score and you’ll know instantly if you prequalify.


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