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Best Cities for Seasonal Businesses

There are some types of businesses that thrive in certain seasons. Some of these businesses not only rely on the season (for example, a Christmas store) but also on the weather (be it cold or warm). A scarf shop might be a seasonal business in Los Angeles, but an all-year business in Seattle. All business owners need to find the best cities to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

What this means is that some businesses have better chances of succeeding depending on the city they’re in because of the weather, while some others will probably fail if they’re in the wrong city. A business that sells skiing supplies in Texas wouldn’t have that many clients because it’s mostly a warm state and it’s not a part of the Mountain States (that could have ski resorts).

Do you have an interesting seasonal business in mind?

Have you stopped to consider what kind of business might work better for the city you live in?

We have a list of businesses ideal for both summer and winter businesses and some of the best cities to open them in.

Summer or Warm Weather Businesses

This is the time of the year when the sun is out and people are looking to enjoy the weather and explore the outdoors. Anything that would work to make life comfortable and more enjoyable at this time of the year can be turned into a profitable business.

Warm Weather Business Ideas

Some of the best businesses you can venture in include:

  • Food Truck

That crowd at the park is sure going to need some food at some point, and if there is a food truck nearby, most will opt to buy from it. With a food truck, it is easy to move where the customers are. It doesn’t matter whether people are going to a summer festival or the beach, you will be right there to serve some delicious food to them (and of course make good money).

Don’t forget to also incorporate ice cream and chilled beverages.

A food truck is something you should consider investing in if you are in the food business. You can also try the venture if you are passionate about food.

  • Outdoor Guide

If you live in a city with a decent flow of tourists, you should consider being an outdoor guide during the hot months (which if you live in a warm city might be most of them). This way, you make money as you also enjoy the outdoors.

You can show tourists (or even some locals) some of the nicest natural beauties in your city, like national parks, mountains or other sights.

The good thing about being a guide is that you can do it part-time.

  • Surfing Lessons

If you are fond of surfing and are conversant with the dos and don’ts, you can offer training at a fee. You just need to get the right certification. You can also go a step further and lease surfing equipment. Just think of the many adventure lovers who would like to try surfing and either do not have the skills or the right gear do so.

  • Ice Cream Stand

Ice cream stands are a hit, especially where there are children. The good thing is that you do not need much capital or certification to do the business. Just get an ice cream stand and some of the kiddy favorites in the ice-cream departments. You can also play around with recipes and create new flavors that will make you stand out.

Best Cities for Warm Weather Business

Did some of these business ideas spark your entrepreneurial mind but you live in a very cold city? Well, don’t worry, here are some of the warmest and best cities where you might be able to live that entrepreneurial life you’ve always wanted to.

  • Charleston, South Carolina

Otherwise known as Silicon Harbor, this city is perfect for seasonal businesses because it witnesses a good stream of visitors during the warm months. According to CNBC, the business growth rate in this charming city is over 70%. The city is also a business hub comprising of companies in different sectors and many people looking for a simple summer treat or escape.

  • Los Angeles, California

This is one of the most touristic cities in the US and is the second most populous in the country. Thousands of tourists go to LA every year to enjoy all the things it has to offer. LA ranks as having the highest number of entrepreneurs per capita (tied with Miami) and is the third largest startup hub in the country. With the Hollywood sign as the backdrop, you can start a business that will thrive not only thanks to the tourists but because of all the locals.

  • Seaside, Oregon

Seaside comes with beautiful beaches, parks, and outdoor trails. There is also a walk along by the seaside where visitors get to enjoy the beach and surf. The total expenditure in the tourism sector alone was more than $2 billion in 2018. The area also encourages budding entrepreneurs as it ranks among the best places in the US for them.

  • Orlando, Florida

The increase in businesses in this city is nothing but tremendous and this can be attributed to the great working conditions here. CNBC ranks Orlando among the best 20 cities to do business in the US as the steady rise of salaried employees makes this area perfect for seasonal businesses, the flow of customers is guaranteed.

  • Austin, Texas

Austin ranks high on Forbes list of best cities to visit in summer, which can only mean that there is an influx of visitors and endless business opportunities during the hot months. The business growth score here is about 93 (almost perfect) and anything from a food truck to an ice cream stand will do well during the hot months.

Winter/Cold Weather Businesses

This is a great time of year for many businesses, even though many might not enjoy this type of weather, it undoubtedly brings great creative business opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Cold-season Business Ideas

Some of the best winter businesses are:

  • Snow Removal Service

Snow can be a nuisance especially when it is piling on walkways. With the right tools, you can easily set up a snow removal services and it will be hard not to find enough work in your neighborhood to keep you busy throughout the winter months.

  • Skiing Lessons

Winter tourism thrives in some areas and skiing is among the activities the tourists engage in. If you enjoy skiing, you can put those skills into good use and start offering skiing lessons. You can also expand your business to include skiing equipment, either selling the items of leasing them at a small fee.

  • Furnace repair service

A furnace adds warmth in a house but it will not be of much help if it is not working properly. Most people do not bother to fix their furnace when it is not in use until the cold weather comes calling (and if you’re in a cold city, well, cold will be around for the most part of the year, so more work for you). For an entrepreneur looking to start a business, this is a good chance to make a quick buck and do your part in keeping the city warm.

  • Cold weather apparel business

Demand for warm clothes goes up in winter and if you read your market well, you can make a tidy sum selling winter apparel. If you do not have much to spend or simply want to test the waters, start with apparel and add on other items depending as your business grows.

Best Cities for cold weather business

If you’re ready to start one of these businesses, but you’re unsure of what city it’d be best to start it in, here are some of the coldest and best cities to open a new business.

  • New York, New York

New York gets busy especially around Winter, and the Christmas tree at Rockefeller is visited by close to a million people on a daily basis. In Biz2Credit’s 2018  Top 25 Cities for Small Business, New York ranks number one (as it did in 2017 too). Cold weather apparel, accessories, and toys move very fast around this time if you can manage to get them to the crowd. Whether you are targeting the locals or visitors, be sure to select items that are in line with what your target clients are looking for.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

This city features beautiful lakes and winter skiing opportunities as an estimated 300,000 people ski within the state every year. The skiing venues are within the metropolitan area so it is easy to offer skiing training among other services. You can opt to either work with the ski resorts or freelance.

  • Idaho City, Idaho

According to the American Legislative Exchange Council, Idaho has the sixth best economic outlook, and the state offers the second lowest property tax. Despite this being the coldest cities in the USA, it offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in winter businesses. Snow hauling would work great here and so would errands and furnace repair businesses.

  • Madison, Wisconsin

Another awfully cold city that is perfect for winter businesses. The population and the economic climate make this an ideal city not just for seasonal businesses but also for businesses that operate throughout the year. The average income of residents here is over $30,000 and only a mere 2% of the population is unemployed.

  • Fairfield, Connecticut

This city has a high employment rate and the average incomes are generally high when compared to others within the state. All types of businesses thrive here and there is no reason why your winter business should not. Whatever business you choose, be sure to do enough research and plan well as failing to plan can kill your business and leave you financially crippled for a very long time. That said, this is among the best cities for all kinds of businesses

There are only four seasons but there are infinite business ideas

It is possible to have a profitable seasonal business and, as many entrepreneurs have proven, the earnings for the few months can cover you during the low business months. To ensure success, you need to be careful when picking the season and city you want to do business, and if you’re smart enough your seasonal business might have great sales all throughout the year.

Just like with any other type of business, you have to consider costs such as rent for your business space and wages in case you need more than one hand.

The best cities for business are generally cheaper in terms of rent. You also need to do your bit to market your business and know which products bring in more profits so you can invest more in them.

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