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Best businesses for a solopreneur

A solopreneur is a business owner that goes “solo” when it comes to working and managing his business affairs. While he has an entrepreneurial mindset, by choice, he runs his business venture alone.

He does this for several reasons, one of which is the freedom and flexibility to pursue his preferred kind of work. For another, he does away with office politics or squabbling and bickering among employees that sometimes crop up within small or big companies.

He calls his own shots.

His thinking, approaches, decisions, and moves are his alone. He is solely accountable for them.

Other fine-line differences separate solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. But if you know you are a solopreneur or you have decided to become one, you can read on and learn about 10 great business ideas that will help start you off to a good, sustainable and eventually successful solopreneurship.

10 Great Business Ideas That’ll Help A Solopreneur Get Going

If you know in your heart of hearts that you are a solopreneur, check out these 10 business ideas you can adopt to be a good, money-earning solopreneur:

1. Be a dropshipper 

This is about you playing the role of the middleman between a certain business and the customer.

You advertise the merchandise, a customer buys it, you contact that business’ warehouse and provide them with the customer information. The warehouse then delivers the merchandise.

You get a percentage of the sale or get a fee without having to stock up on any kind of inventory.

What’s the best thing about this?

You can choose practically any kind of merchandise (something you’re an expert on or enjoy being involved in) and do it residing anywhere in the U.S., or practically anywhere in the world.

2. Do freelancing online 

If you’ve got good writing skills or are an imaginative, creative graphic artist or a web designer, or even if you’re adept at bookkeeping and accounting, you can outsource your talent on your terms, and get paid for it. You could create your own virtual agency that offers online services.

For this, check out Upwork, Freelancer and People Per Hour, these are great online platforms where employers and business owners can contact freelancers.  As it concerns opportunities and payscales, some sites may have better offers so, do some research to find the best fit for your skills, abilities, and expectations.

3. E-Commerce

Instead of putting up a physical traditional store and paying rent, why not have your store online.

The products you sell can stay put in your basement or garage. You’ve got to draw customers to your products, though. But you can steer your social media and Google marketing to target the special market segment that buys your kind of merchandise.

4. Be an Airbnb host 

You’ve got a guest room that’s very seldom used? Or, extra space in your home? You could use this to serve as accommodations for travelers. The rent could boost your monthly paycheck. You’ll just need a comfortable, cozy and orderly place.

You should try to make your Airbnb listing more attractive by providing inviting snap-shots, a clear description of the place and favorable reviews from those who have had experience staying in your home.

If you want to take this even more seriously, you could buy a property and solely rent it on Airbnb.

5. Fashion

You can start a fashion or clothing business by developing uniquely interesting clothes. You could, for example, design t-shirts using your pictures, artwork or some clever or funny phrases.

You can then upload your designs to platforms like Amazon, Teespring or Shopify (or why not open your own website). Of course, it won’t hurt to advertise your t-shirt designs on Facebook or other social media networks using hashtags aimed at your customers. This way you’ll raise your chances of getting more clients.

6. Logo designing 

Today, logos are pretty much needed by practically everyone… from a laundromat to a charity club.

Designing logos is a good practical solopreneur business if you’ve got some artistic inclination. You could probably start by designing a few logos for friends, office mates or family members. You can then showcase them online as your portfolio. Then put up some ads about your logo designing skills on Fiverr and Upwork.

7. Start a food truck business 

For a fraction of the cost of putting up a conventional restaurant or a diner, a smart solopreneur can start a food truck business and take it on the road to different fairs and festive events, or simply park it where there are universities, schools or offices.

8. Be an eBay seller 

You can do this with very little or no cash at all. What you do is check your closets, attic or basement. You’ll be amazed at some of the stuff you can sell – from those old Star Wars action figures you’ve kept since you were a boy to that once expensive Dunhill lighter you’ve stopped using when you quit smoking.

If you don’t think this could be a successful venture for a solopreneur, Sophia Christina Amoruso was able to do this when she started Nasty Gal, an eBay shop that sold used vintage clothing and accessories. She might have started small, but her business evolved and grew, and was even sold in 2017 for $20 million.

9. Be an affiliate marketer 

If you’re a content creator or influencer, you can partner with a company to push its products or service via the content you produce.

You can promote these items via promo codes or affiliate links that your readers can use to buy from them. In exchange for the sale conversions, you get a certain percentage.

The more people you’re able to draw to the affiliate, the more customers they get and the more you earn.

10. Be a virtual assistant 

In general, most growing businesses turn to virtual assistants who can help them record and organize transactions, do some documentation or some social media postings. For the most part, these virtual assistants are no strangers to a variety of software programs.

You can start your virtual assistant agency and find clients   Upwork, Fiverr or some bloggers’ groups. Should you have a specialty, like travel or finance, you can search for these sorts of niche outfits and organizations and find clients there.

Here are the best tips for solopreneurs

Depending on where your heart is, as a solopreneur, any one of these business ideas should help you get going.

Be the best solopreneur you can be

Further, many of these don’t involve too big a cash upfront, but should you choose one that does and you may be hard put for some funding, it’ll make sense to check out Camino Financial for a small business loan.

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