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Best Business Phone Systems: Which One Is the Best Pick?

Looking for something that could do wonders for the operations of your business? If yes, you might need implementing only the best business phone systems for your company. There should be no doubt why it is crucial to have such a system in your business, right? The right business phone system could allow you to get specialized solutions to all your communication needs.

The best business phone systems offer functionalities which couldn’t be provided by the conventional means of communication. Indeed, the systems provide tools which help improve customer service and drive higher sales too. And not just that, these systems allow you to collaborate with the employees as well as external contributors a lot more seamlessly. The increasing number of benefits is the reason why many entrepreneurs are investing in the best business phone systems.

How to Pick the Best Business Phone System?

Of course, picking the best system could be a bit tricky. You need to select and invest in the right one carefully. Here are some of the critical features to look out for:

  • Unified Messaging Option. Reduce the time spent on specific tasks through voice messages, regular text messages, fax and emails using only a single mailbox.
  • Teleconferencing Capability. With this feature, you can organize your meetings with people anywhere and at any time.
  • Mobility Features. It is crucial to have software solutions that can be accessed both inside and outside the office. So, look for phone systems that can be deployed on the cloud, making it a lot easier to keep tabs on operations even when you’re away.
  • Administrator Portal. The feature involves real-time reporting and analytic tools which allows you to check the employees and manage other aspects of the operations even when you’re away.
  • Call Forwarding and Routing. Through these tools, you can help your customers get the answers that they want once needed. It is operated manually for most solutions, but some options operate it automatically.

Top 10 Best Phone Business Systems

Now, let’s see the best business phone systems available in the market:

Dialpad – Best for Collaboration and Meetings

Dialpad aims for simplicity and unity. It’s an intuitive cloud-based platform which allows the apps to work together, and it’s available in three packages priced according to the number of departments, offices, and users that will be supported simultaneously.

The rates for these packages range from $20 per user monthly up to $40 per user monthly. There are also annual and monthly billing options available. If you want a flexible phone system, diverse integrations, different device options and a system ideal for collaboration and meetings, Dialpad is an excellent choice.

8×8 – Best for Small Business

8×8 is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider with an excellent record for connectivity and monthly plans of $25 per user. With this system, you will find everything you need to guarantee successful communication: unlimited calling and faxing, instant messaging, business SMS, and a healthy amount of media storage.

It also offers ease of use and affordability. You can manage the service with an online portal. In addition, it offers free online training about the bolts and nuts of the products.

Lastly, it has an app that allows your employees to access the business lines using their smartphones. Employees could have all the features of the work phone even if they are away.

Grasshopper – Best for a Small Office

This phone system was founded by entrepreneurs intended for entrepreneurs as well. Grasshopper is a Cloud-based VoIP offering exceptionally simple pricing that starts at $29 per month with three extensions.

This phone system allows your business to make the most of what you already have without buying new equipment. Also, it provides excellent features like custom greetings, calls screening, calls forwarding and inbound fax.

The features could also help a small office looks a bit larger. This system offers customizable main greetings, a name directory, routing for extensions, a voice studio, music on hold and more.

This is a perfect option for small offices who want to present a more professionally packaged telecommunications front.

Vonage – Best for the Service

Vonage is one of the first phone companies offering VoIP for business. It provides customer service through chat, available from Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 6 pm. It also includes an emergency on-call service outside of the regular hours and a better array of technical support topics.

Vonage plans start at $14.99 per line per month. The unlimited plan costs $39.99 per line per month and includes unlimited monthly calls throughout the continental U.S. and Canada, which makes this a good business phone system if your company is expanding.

Ring Central – Best for Virtual System

This business phone system renders a substantial amount of call features and the most whistles and bells for the money. Ring Central has a Standard Plan that provides call management, unlimited calling and conference calls, mobile apps for Android and iOS, thousands of toll-free minutes, unlimited video conferencing, unlimited business SMS, multi-level auto-attendants and log reports only for $24.99 a month per user.

You have the option to consult with a specialist that can help in determining the needs and implement the product, making it easy to use.

Mitel – Best for a Call Center

Mitel renders both on-premises hosting for companies having their own functioning software as well as a Cloud-based selection for those that don’t want to spend too much on equipment.

This system renders a generous assortment of call center tools including web chat integration, customer callback and universal queuing. There is also an optimized call routing and a considerable offering of phone hardware such as video and conference units and multi-line IP phones. Lastly, it integrates well with programs you are already using like Salesforce.

Mitel has three subscription plans: Essentials (starts at $23.99/month), Premier (starts at $30.39/month), and Elite (starts at $43.99/month).

Ooma – Best for Very Small Businesses

Ooma is designed particularly for very small businesses. It is an on-premises VoIP system that can be installed within minutes even by someone without expertise in IT.

Its main piece of equipment is the base station, referred to as a router which prioritizes voice data ensuring reliable service. It doesn’t have all the extras that you might be looking for, however, it has numbers of great tools and features that very small businesses would need.

There is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices wherein users could receive and make calls using the business lines, manage voicemails and transfer calls too.

Nextiva – Best for Multiple Locations

Another option to consider is Nexvita Office, a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system wherein the service could be spread throughout various stores or offices. Indeed, this option is ideal for businesses with multiple locations.

All you need to do is to get the system up and running by plugging the IP phones to an Ethernet port at every location. And this system automatically syncs all the locations and lets them be managed from the same online platform.

Jive – Best for Tools and Features

Jive is considered as the best VoIP business phone system since it offers wide features and tools. This system includes several call monitoring methods that could be more expensive through other providers.

Besides, it has 11 servers to guarantee top-notch reliability and an impressive set of more than 80 tools and features. Some of these include auto-attendants, three-way conference calling, call recording, voicemail, custom on-hold music and voicemail to email.

With regards to pricing, Jive is tier-based which means the more employees you have, the cheaper the per-user cost would be. Regardless of the number of employees you have, all users have access to every feature.

CloudMyOffice – Best Cloud Provider

Another cloud-based VoIP platform is CloudMyOffice: it offers multiple features like cross-platform applications such as end-user portal, PC softphone, call recording and expanded support for teleworkers.

In terms of pricing, the Essentials plan allows only a device per user starting from $19.19 a month.

All its packages offer the easy-to-use mobile app which lets you start a call at your desk and finish it anywhere you are on your mobile device. And if you have more than ten lines in the office, there will be a free desk phone for every user.


We hope you find in the list above the phone system that best suits the needs and goals of your business. Investing in technology is without a doubt one of the wisest moves you can do for your business. The latest equipment, gadgets, and software can not only streamline communication in your business place but also improve the overall performance and efficiency. If you want to explore this route, read our related articles on the best laptops for business and the best security cameras for your business.

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