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Advertise your restaurant for the Super Bowl: 5 ideas

An average of almost 100 million viewers. Television ads that cost more than $5 million. Consumer related expenses of around $15 billion.

Everything Super Bowl is BIG. 

“The Big Game” is such a massive event that even small businesses can get a slice of those billionaire profits. 

Restaurants, bars, and any food businesses are the first on the list to take advantage of these profits.

But selling wings, pizza and beer is not enough to generate extra profits during that special day. Viewing parties, themed menus, and special discounts are just some ideas to promote your business during one of the most important sporting events in America. 

In this artícule, we will tell you why you should prepare a marketing strategy for the Super Bowl. We also give you great ideas on how to promote your restaurant to football fans.

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5 Marketing Ideas for the Super Bowl

Here are some tactics you can use to promote your restaurant during the Super Bowl. No matter which ones you decide to use, the crucial thing is to plan ahead.

Put down in writing your marketing campaign and create a list of everything you need. This will help you prepare a budget.
If you are going to using social media, start as soon as possible and publish regularly.

1. Decorate Your Restaurant 🎈🎊

If you are able to open your restaurant

Give your business a festive flair using elements alluding to the Big Game. Decorate your establishment with flags, balloons, balls, colored ribbons, and tablecloths with Super Bowl motifs. 

Locate several HD TVs in your restaurant. If you don’t have enough space, a projector could do the trick. A state-of-the-art sound system will also help you provide your customers with a more realistic atmosphere.

You could also get an electronic board to keep the scores. A conventional scoreboard can also work.

All of this creates a great visual and auditory experience. 

If you’re not able to open your restaurant

Decorate your website and your social media profiles with Super bowl-themed images and posts. This is crucial now, more than ever, because, otherwise, your clients wouldn’t know you’re getting ready to celebrate and enjoy the Big Game.

Keep the game’s score by posting whenever it changes, that’ll give you an opportunity to engage with your followers.

2. Create a Thematic Menu 🍕🍺

Change your menu and offer the typical dishes of the competing cities. If said teams are not from your state, the food will be exotic for the locals. 

And of course, you also need to offer traditional Super Bowl dishes. Chicken wings, chips, salsa, pizza, guacamole, and lots of beer should be on your menu. 

Do not forget to make a detailed plan so that you have the necessary supplies to meet the demand.

3. Offer Food Delivery 🏍️

The most important thing is to attract people to your store, but that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of the millions of potential customers who stay at home. During the Super Bowl, many customers will want to enjoy their favorite meals in the comfort of their couches. 

Some others would love to go out and watch the game with their friends at a restaurant, but decide to watch it alone for fear of getting sick.

It doesn’t matter if your state’s regulations allow you to open or not, you should offer food delivery. A quick food delivery service will allow you to satisfy the appetite of ALL fans and get additional profits. 

Food delivery apps will help you take orders quickly. All you need is to make sure you have the capacity and the necessary staff to handle the orders.

Now, if you can supply all the food for a party or a private event, you will take things to the next level. Offering catering service is another way to maximize your earnings during the Super Bowl.

4. Create Special Discounts 💸

For many, it is cheaper to stay at home than to go outside. Your job is to show them that they can find affordable prices at your restaurant, whether they dine in or get food-to-go. 

Discounts can attract hundreds of customers to your business. Offer promotions ‘buy two get one free,’ reduce the price to specific products or offer special combos. For example:

🏈 Wings with a 20% discount 

🏈 Buy two pizzas and get one free

🏈 A free beer for those who buy a specific dish

5. Host Giveaways 🎁

If you offer something free, customers will come to you like flies to the light.

You can create social media contests and give out prizes, like special discounts or gift cards

You can also use this strategy during the game. Give away official merchandise and swag from the competing teams. You can also make a football-related trivia night leading to the game or a football pool contest.

BONUS! Spread the voice 

It’s crucial that you let your customers know of all the promos you have in store for them. You could design an e-mailing campaign, post them on your social media pages or use traditional media such as flyers, radio, or ads in the local newspaper.

If there are quarantine restrictions in your locality, let your customers know you’re still open and offering food delivery. If you can open, you should let them know too!

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Why Promote Your Restaurant for the Super Bowl?

  • More Revenue for Your Business

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2020, Americans were willing to spend an average of $88.65 to celebrate the Super Bowl. It was estimated that the total expenditure would amount to $17.2 billion. Of that money, a large percentage was used to pay food consumption. 

This is a unique opportunity for restaurants and bars. 

Of the adults who said they would watch the game: 

🏈 80% planned to buy food and drinks

🏈 27% would attend a party

🏈 19% would offer a party 

🏈 5% would see the game in a bar or restaurant. 

That 5% may sound low, but those are actually 13 million people who planned to see the Big Game in an establishment.

Although this data is from 2020 before the pandemic hit the US, it can serve as an indicator of normal consumer behavior: people might not be able to go to a bar or restaurant, but they’ll try to have the same experience at home. This means there’s a big chance they’ll buy food from you.

This data also demonstrates the potential profits the Super Bowl can bring your business. 

  • It’s Cheap

Surely you don’t have several million laying around to pay for a halt-time commercial. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot advertise your restaurant at a meager cost, even for free

The key is online platforms.

Social networks and e-mailing are an excellent opportunity to connect with customers. You just have to spend a little time creating ads. Tell your audience what you’re offering during the event and why they should see it in your business.

There are many other ideas to advertise your restaurant before, during, and even after the Super Bowl. But don’t forget that social media should be at the center of everything. 

  • You Can Get More Customers

The Super Bowl is not a marketing party just for big brands. You can also increase the visibility of your business using effective strategies. 

Even if you are fortunate that your city is the host of the event, your customers can increase considerably. Visitors who arrive in large numbers will spend money on restaurants, hotels, transportation, and other services. 

Likewise, residents will also want to spend their money to cheer for their favorite team.

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A Final Recommendation

You have to be careful when creating marketing strategies for this event. 

There are specific rules and guidelines you must follow before printing or publishing any advertisement. Many businesses prefer not to use the words “Super Bowl,” the NFL shield, the Super Bowl logo, or team names. 


Because these names are registered and owned by the NFL, and this institution is cautious. It does not want people to believe that a specific event or venue is officially sponsored or endorsed by the Super Bowl.

Some establishments have suffered the consequences of using these names and logos. Although many others have never had any problems. 

To avoid any setbacks, avoid using any of these registered names and logos when promoting your business. Use synonyms, like “the Big Game.” 

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Promote Your Restaurant During the Super Bowl

The ball is on your side of the court.

Now you have some tactics to promote your restaurant during the Big Game. In doing so, you could increase your income and build your customer base. 

Decorating your restaurant, offering home delivery, using social media, giving away products, and lowering your prices are just some of the top strategies that can make you score many points this football season.

Do you want to use social media to promote your restaurant? We invite you to keep reading? 

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The Best Social Media for Restaurants


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