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Our Mission is to Help Small Businesses Learn, Grow, and Succeed

Our Family Business Story

Our mom lost her business when we were 12 years old. She opened over 30 Mexican restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles area, but struggled to manage her business after 25 years. We have since devoted our lives to NEVER LEAVE A SMALL BUSINESS BEHIND. Read more about us in our community letter, or watch a short video on our Facebook page.

Millions of business owners are left behind without access to capital. We founded Camino Financial to offer simple and affordable loans to small businesses who find it difficult to borrow through a bank. We establish long-term financial partnerships with our borrowers, helping them build their credit and graduate to lower interest rates loans.

If you are reading this letter, you know it takes a community to build a small business. We cannot do it alone and we want to hear from you. Here is how you can work with us: join our team, partner with us, follow us on Facebook, or contact us.

Together Moving Forward

Team Diversity

Camino Financial Team Gazing

Camino Financial embraces diversity in the workplace. We are comprised of a team of professionals with different backgrounds, skills and talents dedicated to providing access to capital to business owners.

We believe a diverse group of professionals is crucial to delivering the best financial solutions to a multi-cultural client base.

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