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7 Simple Ways Facebook Boosts Your Business

When it comes to powerful business tools such as advertising and consumer awareness, small businesses have it rough. Advertising campaigns require financial investments most small businesses simply cannot afford.  Gaining awareness can be just as tricky.  Business expert, Forbes, reports that approximately 543,000 new small businesses are started every year. With such a huge number of potential competitors, many small businesses wonder how they can gain valuable recognition and stand out from the crowd.  Fortunately, small businesses have a powerful tool on their side.  Social media is a growing asset that anyone can tap into.  Facebook in particular has become a vital advertising staple for many businesses. Statics reveal that over 40 million small businesses use Facebook as a business tool. Before considering expensive or overwhelming advertising tools, consider these 7 simple ways to use Facebook for your business.

1. Greater Consumer Exposure

Facebook is an extremely popular social media outlet with over 1.79 billion user world-wide.  This is by far one of the fastest ways to present your business before an ever-growing pool of potential customers.  Although not every customer will read mail advertisements or sit through a commercial, many will take time to examine their social media. Your business gains valuable exposure much more successfully via a Facebook page than many traditional advertising venues.

2. Less Financial Impact

Although television commercials and mail advertisements cost money, the vast majority of social media is free. Statistics show that the average small business spends about 2-12% of their budget on advertising.  Although this may not seem like a lot initially, these percentages quickly add up and contribute to a heavy financial overhead.  By choosing to use Facebook or other social media methods as a large portion of your advertising and consumer awareness, you allow yourself to operate under less budget constraint.

3. Reaching Your Target Audience

Bulk advertising can be misleading.  Although you reach a large quantity of people, they may not necessarily be your target group of potential customers.  Successful advertising is a fine line between reaching a large group in addition to reaching the “right” group.  Not only does Facebook reach a large quantity of viewers, but it increases your chances as a business to reach your target audience.  Facebook offers tools that allow businesses to target specific locations, and demographics such as age, gender, education, and even work experience.  These tools allow potential customers an easy view of your business and services. Let Facebook find your customers.

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4. Increase your Website’s Traffic

Although you may not currently have a Facebook page, chances are you already have a website describing your business and services.  In this day and age, websites are essential for contacts and customer relationships. However, simply having a website isn’t enough; it doesn’t guarantee your customers will find it.  Facebook allows businesses to include many links back to their website.  These links allow customers easy access to your website and eliminate potential confusion. When it comes to referring users to websites, Facebook has overtaken the popular search engine Google. More people visit a website through a Facebook link than finding it through a basic search engine.

5. Improve Customer Relationships

Social media has a very friendly, down-to-earth feel about it that attracts potential customers. While commercials and ads may feel disconnected or pushy, a social media post on a Facebook page has a much better chance of reaching your customer.  These Facebook posts can be very friendly and relaxed, making your customers feel more positive toward your business.  These customers can “like” your business’ page to receive updates whenever you post.  When they “like” your page, it also connects them with other customers who enjoy your business.  Social networking such as this builds a sense of community between you and all your customers.

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6. Unleash Your Business’ Creativity

Creativity is often something lacking in many business models.  It’s easy to become so focused on business goals that creative freedom and fun lacks.  Implementing social media tools are a fun, easy way to unleash your business’ creative spark.  Planning entertaining posts, customizing your business’ page, and inventing new business campaigns are all easy tools with a Facebook account. Using social media as a tool not only positively benefits your business’ economic aspects, but also your own creativity.

7. Study Your Customers

Facebook not only allows your customers to easily learn about your business but it also allows you to learn about your customers.  Facebook allows you to see “trending” searches and what’s currently popular.  This type of insight helps you to understand your customers and their needs.  Knowledge like this allows you to adjust your promotions, advertisements, and services.  Customers always take notice of businesses that aim for personal touches and detailed services.  Learning about your customers is a key step in meeting their needs.

Although there are many steps to build successful, thriving businesses, small businesses in particular gain huge empowerment through the tool of social media venues such as Facebook.  Visit Facebook’s business page to learn more about this comprehensive small business tool.

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