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5 Steps to Align Your Personal Brand With Your Business

If you think of your personal brand at all, you probably consider it a separate entity from the business you run. But in fact, both matter – and both are intimately connected. Especially if your business is just starting out, your personal brand can be a crucial step to achieving awareness and credibility in the eyes of your target audience.

Follow these 5 steps to improve your personal brand, and grow your business in the process.

1. Examine Your Existing Brand

You cannot build your personal brand if you don’t know about potential existing perceptions about you that currently exist. Examine your online presence, by Googling your name or analyzing your social media presence, to gain a better understanding of how you are perceived among your target audience.

This first step also allows you to determine just how closely your personal brand is currently connected to your business. When someone reads your Facebook feed, do they know about the products or services you offer?

2. Identify Your Niche

Based on your analysis in the first step, it’s time to identify just what niche you can occupy as a thought leader in the eyes of your audience. For maximum success, that niche should be closely connected to the value proposition of your business. If, for example, you offer cyber security services, setting a goal to become a well-respected expert in digital security is a natural goal.

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3. Share Unique Content, Frequently

After setting your goal, it’s time to begin work in establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. Above all, that requires creating and publishing content related to that niche frequently. Publish posts on social media, LinkedIn pulse, or any other network on which an interested audience may come across it.

To be successful, your content has to be unique. Don’t simply re-post the same articles others have already published. Instead, add your unique angle, drawing on personal experiences and expertise that will make your individual piece of content worth the read. If you can connect it with examples from your business, you can solidify the connection between personal and professional brand.

4. Connect With Influencers

Influencer marketing continues to gain in popularity and importance, as the majority of marketers plan on spending more on the concept than they have in the recent past. Identifying and reaching out to key members of your target audience can play a large part in spreading the word about and increasing credibility of your business.

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Reaching out to influencers, however, can be difficult. Individuals like to talk to individuals, which is why your personal brand offers the perfect opportunity to jump start influencer marketing for your company. You can easily make the first touch on social media or via email to make influencers aware of your business and new, business-related content.

5. Expand Your Content Reach

Finally, you can take advantage of a growing personal brand by expanding your content reach. Reach out to industry websites to suggest guest blogs, or make yourself available for interviews on external websites. You can even arrange speaking engagements and presentations at important industry conferences. Because you are talking about topics that your company manages on a daily basis, your byline will raise awareness of your business as a thought leader on the topics you discuss.

An effective personal brand can play a major part in helping your business gain awareness and grow. The result will be a mutually-beneficial relationship. The above 5 steps can help you build your personal brand in a way that will be sure to benefit your business.

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