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5 Flex Working Spaces To Consider in Los Angeles

What is a flex working space? I define this as a working space that: i) does not require you to sign a long-term lease, ii) you can easily find space for new team members, and iii) offers the optionality to work in a common or private space. Furthermore, flex working spaces tend to organize several events and workshops that cultivate a supportive community of ambitious self-starters. So no need to do it on your own!!

As a new entrepreneur in Los Angeles, I soon began to look for a working space and realized that most blogs focused on spots in West LA. For those that want to be situated east of the 405 (where you can avoid the 405 traffic and find a cheaper place!), I recommend five flex working space options you should consider.

KleverDog (Chinatown)

A co-working space situated near Dodger’s stadium. Its residents boast of its tight community, comfortable ergonomic chairs and its contemporary lime green decor. Unfortunately, there is no free parking for residents but Chinatown is conveniently accessed with public transportation. Some standard amenities KleverDog provides are: high-speed wifi, networked printer & scanner, conference room for eight, shared kitchen, free-trade coffee & tea, and 24/7 access. Membership rates include: $25 day pass, $275/month open desk and $375/month designated desk.

Indie Desk (Downtown LA)

This co-working space claims to be the first one in Downtown LA, which is becoming a hotspot for entrepreneurs in Southern California. This place is the most affordable option I found on the web and offers a wide array of membership packages including: $20 day pass, $150 for 10-weekday visits, $225/month open desk and $350/month dedicated desk. Reviewers claim that Indie Desk members are very friendly and respectful. Indie Desk also hosts several events each week ranging from business workshops to yoga classes. Parking is still an issue at this place and residents claim the area can get a little sketchy at nightfall.

Opodz (Little Tokyo in DTLA)

Located right next to the art district, Opodz attracts a lot of creative freelancers and entrepreneurs. Opodz likes hosting art expos for local artists so residents are constantly exposed to new artworks. In addition to the standard amenities offered by other co-working spaces, Opodz also offers exclusive discounts at participating local merchant partners. Membership packages include: $20 day pass, $150 for a 10 weekday visits, $275/month open desk and $425/month dedicated desk.

Regus (over 30+ locations in the LA area)

Regus is the jack of all trades when it comes to working space. They offer a variety of office solutions including access to their business lounge, virtual office (mailbox and receptionist), and single and multi-member office spaces. Some of these solutions can be arranged on a monthly basis and do not require you to sign on for more than three months. Regus does not organize events or workshops so there is not a strong sense of community among residents. The atmosphere is a lot more professional than your typical co-working space. This can be a benefit if you are running a conservative business such as a financial services company. Also, there are a ton of Regus offices in LA giving you a ton of optionality. To the extent you happen to have a client meeting near a Regus office, as a member you still have access to their business lounge. Be careful of their fees as they itemize everything from printing to WiFi access.

OfficeSlice (San Fernando Valley)

If you live in the Valley and want to avoid the trek Downtown, there is a co-working space in Sherman Oaks that provides a friendly environment to build your business. Different from other co-working spaces, OfficeSlice rents out cubicles if you want a little bit of privacy. Membership packages include: $35 day pass, $459/month dedicated desk, $489/month dedicated cub, and office space for $950-$2,100/month. Note, they do not offer an open desk membership.

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