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30 Tips to Become a Great Mompreneur

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“Mompreneur”: the term has become increasingly popular, but for many, it still seems a contradiction. Being a mom is already a full-time job: how can you bring together being a mom with running your own business, without neglecting your responsibilities? Can you succeed in both areas? Yes, you can! Nobody said it was easy, but it’s definitely possible. In fact, more and more women every day define themselves as mompreneurs.

The technological revolution of the digital era, the rise of social networks and the easy access to online business tools, have made it possible for many women to conquer a role that until now seemed impossible: they can now fulfill their dream of having their own business without giving up motherhood. Many of them are able to manage their business from home, spending more time with their family. The result: financial freedom and a better work-life balance. Two compelling reasons that make any effort worthwhile.

We bring you here 30 simple tips to achieve your goal of being a great mompreneur. All of them are within your reach and designed to increase your productivity, better manage your time, and achieve a better work-life balance.

30 Tips for Mompreneurs

  1. Expand your network and meet other mompreneurs. Through networking, you can get in touch with other women like you. You can attend events or do it through the internet. On Facebook you will find groups that may interest you; Meetup is another platform where you can join existing groups of mompreneurs in your area, or even create a new group yourself and propose events.
  2. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t let pride become your worst enemy. We all need help from others at some point. The good news is that for any mompreneur, the social circle tends to be wider: from your partner to other family members of your family, from neighbors to the staff in your children’s school. Each one in your immediate circle can give you a hand with tour tasks when you simply can’t: running errands, shopping for you or helping your children with their homework.
  3. Hire a virtual assistant or a freelancer to help you with work. As a busy mompreneur, you can hire specialized services for a few hours and adjusted to your budget. Don’t think that having a virtual assistant is reserved only for big entrepreneurs: using platforms like Upwork, Fiverr or you can find an assistant for little money that fits your needs.
  4. Use time management tools. There are numerous free apps that allow you to keep track of your activities. Toggl, Remember the Milk and Rescue Time are just three examples, but a quick online search will allow you to find the one that best suits your preferences.
  5. Prioritize your tasks. Start your day doing the most important things for both your business and your family. Remember that the most urgent task is not necessarily the most important.
  6. Reserve the same time every day for emails. Set aside a specific and limited time every day to check and respond to your emails. You can do it in no longer than an hour every morning without any distraction.
  7. Focus on what you are doing. Complete only one task at a time. Have you heard about the “Pomodoro Technique“? It’s an excellent time management trick. Something as simple as a Pomodoro (a timer resembling a tomato, like those used to measure time in the kitchen) allows you to divide your tasks into blocks of 25 minutes and stick to them.
  8. Use an agenda. Whether it’s an electronic one or an old-fashioned paper datebook, check your responsibilities every morning, and separate your home tasks from your work responsibilities. An agenda is a key weapon for any mompreneur. At the end of the day, review everything you’ve accomplished and organize your tasks for the next day. The minutes you spend planning are an excellent investment of your time.
  9. Plan in advance your work meetings and your family events. You can use a regular calendar, your cell phone calendar and even use different colors for each type of event. Try to attend all the meetings you have committed to. Think that rescheduling will take even more time.
  10. Don’t forget birthdays and anniversaries. Make a list containing the birthdays of your relatives, clients, and those with whom you feel the obligation to give a present, like your kids’ friends at school. That way you can buy all the presents at once and take advantage of sales.
  11. Conquer your space. As a mompreneur working from home, condition a private space and turn it into your office. Let your family know the importance of respecting your privacy and keeping it quiet when you need it. This will help you create a routine that will make you more productive.
  12. Carpool with other moms to take the kids to school. They will help you and you will be helping them.
  13. Buy in bulk. Popular wholesale centers like Costco or Sam’s Club require an annual subscription, but it may be worth it. In a single trip, you can buy food, household items, office or school supplies, and even your children’s clothes. Not only you will save time, but also hundreds of dollars throughout the year.
  14. Plan family meals. You can plan the whole week’s menu, and do all the shopping in one single grocery trip, saving you time and money. Cooking gadgets as simple as a crockpot or a pressure cooker will help you cook hearty and nutritious dishes with just a few minutes of prep time. Once again, use the internet: there are entire websites dedicated to weekly menu-planning. But if this still takes too much of your time, follow the next tip.
  15. Hire someone to cook at home. This will give your family a variety of options, and you can pamper them with their favorite meals on the weekends.
  16. Distribute the house chores among your children. You can make it fun! Let your kids help you by placing a large, colorful schedule in a visible part of your home. Use magnets or clothespins to represent each of your kids and rotate them or move them through the schedule according to the day and task. On the internet, you have thousands of fun ideas and templates that you can print. If your children are older, you can use shared online tools like Google Sheets.
  17. Hire someone else to do the thorough cleaning. Even if your kids help you, an extra pair of hands can do wonders. The person of your choice can visit your house once a week or every two weeks. If you manage your business from home, a clean and neat environment will help you be more productive.
  18. Plan the laundry. You can start the washing machine before you go to bed; then early in the morning you just have to use the dryer.
  19. Get clothes ready the night before. Leave clothes ready at night time: your children’s uniform, the clothes they use for extracurricular activities, or your own uniform.
  20. Keep learning. There is a wide range of courses for women entrepreneurs, both in person and online. For most of these, you can define your own schedule and they can be completed at your own pace, which is especially suitable if, as a mompreneur, you have little time. Identify your weakest areas and do previous research to find the course that would better fit your needs.
  21. Learn to manage your finances. There are hundreds of financial blogs where you can learn how to get the most out of your finances as a mompreneur.
  22. Get enough rest. Try to go to bed an hour earlier and also get up an hour earlier; respect the same schedule each day. During the morning your mind is more rested and you are more productive.
  23. Stay healthy. Make sure you eat healthily and don’t miss any appointment you have scheduled with your doctor.
  24. Set aside one day a week to share with your family. You can go for a walk or just watch a movie together.
  25. Celebrate your achievements. If you got a new client or closed a business you’ve been looking for for some time, it’s worth celebrating, whether it’s just with your partner or with the whole family. That is one of the pleasures of being a mompreneur.
  26. Involve your kids in your job. If you notice that one of your kids is interested in what you do, you can assign them small tasks: they will help you and you’ll motivate them at the same time. Also, think that by motivating your kids you are creating a legacy: in the future, they can get a role in your company or even run the business.
  27. Learn to say no. It can be hard, but it’s better if you commit only to what you really can and want to do. No one said that being a mompreneur means you will be always available!
  28. Find time for yourself. You don’t have to sacrifice the things you enjoy the most: from taking a walk to meeting your friends. Taking time out for yourself will help you release stress and recharge your energy.
  29. Remember your family is #1. They were your main motivation when you started your business. And dedicating time to share with them is probably one of the reasons you chose to become a mompreneur.
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