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3 Lessons the Easter Bunny Teaches Small Businesses

The Easter Bunny and small businesses go hand in hand like…well…we’re not sure. But! Everyone knows that bunnies are good for business. The list goes on and on: The Energizer Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, and of course the Easter Bunny. Little known secret: when the Easter Bunny isn’t busy handing out colored eggs to nice children, he’s busy hatching (get it?! sorry, that’s the best we could do) ways to grow your business. Here are 3 lessons the Easter Bunny teaches your business, so you can stand out.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

You might think that the Easter Bunny puts all his eggs in one basket, but you would be wrong. He’s got tons of eggs and tons of baskets. Different colors, too. The takeaway here is to be different. How can your business be different? If you have a bestselling item, can you offer a special deal to incentivize customers to buy more? Can you offer a different product (even if it’s just seasonal)? Perhaps offering a different product (or introducing a small twist to a current product) would attract a different kind of customer, or grow your sales. Want an example? For 11 years in a row, Coca Cola sales were going down. So what did they do? Did they radically change the recipe? Did they change the color or shape of the cans? Nope. They didn’t do any of that. They just started putting people’s names on the can and invited people to share a coke. The results? Sales went up after an 11 year drought. It can be that simple.


If there’s one important thing that you should always be doing with your customers, it’s finding ways to give back. It’s no secret that the Easter Bunny loves to give: eggs, baskets, carrots, even business tips. Ask yourself: who are my most loyal customers? Have they helped me spread the word about my business? Find ways to give back to your customers, but especially to your most loyal ones. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something huge. We’re not suggesting you go out and buy them a Rolex, but even a thank you card, a small box of chocolates, or a deep discount on their favorite product will ensure that they are happy and keep coming back to you. That’s a win-win.

Run a Contest/Promotion

This is where you can get creative and generate a buzz around your business. You know why the Easter Bunny gets so much attention? He only comes around once a year, and when he does, he gives prizes. You should follow a similar example: take advantage of the colorful and rejuvenating spirit of Easter and offer your customers the chance to win something fun! For greater reach, we recommend you run a Facebook contest (but you can also run an in-house contest if that works best). Wait, how do I do that? There are 2 ways:

  1. Do it Yourself: this means you’ll have to do everything from scratch: post the announcement on Facebook, select or create images, track your engagement, and target your customers. Pro: it’s free. Con: you miss out on reach and it takes more time.
  2. Use a Contest Platform: we recommend Heyo (if you’re interested in testing them out, they offer a 7 day free trial). Pick a template, customize your design, and publish. It’s that easy. For as little as $25 a month, you can run up to 3 contests a month with Heyo. One of the cool things is that there is email integration, so you can ask participants to share their email in order to join the contest. Look at you! Not only are you running a contest and garnering more buzz for your business, you’re also growing your email list!




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