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15 Social Media Marketing Hacks for Small Business Owners

Are you looking to market your small business online? If so, social media should be a crucial part of your strategy. No less than 78% of the U.S. population has a social media profile, which allows you to reach them effectively where they spend their time.

But, how exactly do you go on social media and start transforming users into potential clients?

The process is not as complicated as you might think, and we’re here to guide you.

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Ever heard of Guerrilla Marketing? It’s a cheap and very effective strategy!

15 Social Media Marketing Hacks for Small Business Owners

Use these 15 hacks to get you started in social media marketing:

1. Be Relevant

More than anything else, your social media content has to be relevant to your audience. Don’t use it as a simple outlet to promote your business. Instead, share content that your audience actually wants to read, from industry insights to news and updates.

2. Vary Your Content

Posting images or links again and again won’t lead to much success. Networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to post anything from simple post updates to surveys, links, videos, and more. Take advantage of that variety to increase follower engagement.

3. Embrace Visuals

We’re a visual society, and your social media efforts significantly improve if you embrace that fact. Videos perform exceptionally well, but images and graphics can also make an impact on your audience.

4. Know Ideal Times

Don’t just post when the mood strikes you. Instead, find out the times your audience is most likely to be on the social media platform you embrace. Then, post your content at that specific time to reach the biggest possible audience.

5. Post Frequently

Studies show that posting more frequently will enhance your audience’s engagement. Don’t go inactive; instead, post multiple times a day to maximize your success.

6. Plan in Advance

As in any marketing effort, having a strategy is key to success. Plan and even schedule your posts in advance to make sure you don’t go through periods of inactivity.

7. Know Your Audience

The better you know your audience, the more likely you are to post content that’s actually relevant to them. Through tools like Facebook Insights, you can learn about your follower’s demographics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Hacks

8. Run Some Ads

Nothing gets your business going like some social media ads. For as little as $5 per day, you can create messages targeted to variables from demographics to behaviors.

9. Post to Engage

The more users like, share, click, or comment on your post, the larger audience that post will reach. Create content specifically designed with that goal in mind to see your social media presence grow.

10. Keep Up With Trends

The only constant in the world of social media marketing is change. No network stays the same for long, and it’s crucial to keep up with new features and updates to maximize your success.

11. Monitor Comments Wisely

It’s tempting to delete any comment that’s not overwhelmingly positive toward your brand. But unless it’s spam or unreasonably negative, consider engaging with them instead.

12. Engage Your Influencers

One key to social media success is finding out which audience members are most influential and targeting your messaging to them. This post is a great start to enhance your influencer marketing efforts.

13. Drive Website Traffic

Ideally, your posts on social media should be designed to engage your audience and drive them to your website. Here, you can create more specifically promotional and targeted messages about your product or service’s benefits.

14. Analyze Your Posts

Social media analytics tools allow you to figure out which of your posts perform well and which didn’t. Use these insights to optimize your strategy over time and focus on content that your audience responds to most favorably.

15. Listen to Others

Finally, don’t forget about the social part in the name of this marketing channel. Instead of only posting your own content, engage in social listening to find conversations relevant to your brand. Then, engage in these conversations to maximize your outreach.

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Real and successful social media campaigns to help you find inspiration

It’s Your Turn to be a Social Media Marketing Expert

Especially for small businesses, social media marketing is and should be a crucial part of your strategy. It will lead you to success.

Thanks to its opportunities to reach your audience without spending large amounts of money, it can be the key to help your business grow. The above hacks get you on your way to increasing your brand awareness and maximizing your digital success.

If you’re ready to keep strengthening your business and making more profits, then you probably need more useful articles like this one. We’ve got you covered.

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