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15 Ideas You Can Use on “Get to Know Your Customers Day”

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club opened his first store with a $20,000 loan and this belief: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Like him, every successful entrepreneur knows that customers safeguard a business’s future when they remain happy and satisfied patrons. On Thursday, July 18, 2019, business owners can observe “Get To Know Your Customers Day.” By doing so, they let their clients know they want to know them better. Because customers are important, this day is celebrated each year on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October.

Check out the following 15 actionable, and easy-to-implement tips you can use on this nationally-celebrated day or any time during the year to get to know your customers.

What Can You Do on “Get to Know Your Customers Day”?

  1. Understand the importance of customer experience: Before you embark on getting to know your customers better, try to walk in their shoes first by analyzing the types of customer experiences you offer them. How many ways does your business reach out to your customers? Examples include emails, promotions, ads, social media, direct mail, e-commerce, web, trade shows, surveys, forums, and customer service. Analyze each segment of the customer experience (before, during, and after purchases) to understand at what point they may have disengaged because they didn’t feel appreciated. Then make it a point to put into practice on “Get To Know Your Customers Day” changes that optimize customer relations.
  2. Ask for your customers’ opinions: Both positive and negative customer feedback lets you know what customers like. Who would know better than your customers what’s appealing about your product or service? On “Get To Know Your Customers Day”, send out a survey asking brief and open-ended questions. By asking for your customers’ opinions, you convey how important they are in helping you make improvements. Reward them by offering a discount or giveaway.
  3. Provide real-time tools: Face-to-face conversations are becoming less frequent. When customers shop, they want to chat, text or message to ask questions about your products or services. They may also want to receive alerts on product updates via their smartphones. When you use software like LiveAgent, customers feel valued when you can solve problems for customers as they occur. Fivestars allows you to set up a loyalty program to reward customers and communicate with them directly. Depending on the software you choose, you can send promotions, keep customers educated about your business, or schedule virtual meetings.
  4. Engage with customers emotionally: According to Gallup, an analytics company, fully-engaged customers can boost revenue by 23% compared to average customers. Customer engagement happens when outreach campaigns reach customers emotionally. Whenever and however you connect with customers, your brand should enhance your customers’ lives.
  5. Create customer profiles: How can you get to know your customers unless you keep track of what they like? Profiles should include customers’ likes and dislikes, family backgrounds, hobbies, interests, and preferred social media platforms. This information helps you personalize content and match specific customers to particular products and services.
  6. Throw a party: Host an event so your customers can meet each other. The best location for the event is at your business location; however, if you need more room, book space at a community center or a park pavilion. Make it a fun experience by providing live music, food, party favors, and activities for the entire family.
  7. Send personalized gifts: When your customer profiles include hobbies and interests, you can send a dog or cat collar to pet lovers or insect repellant to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone can use an extra USB stick to store files. Make sure to send a note with the gift on your business’s stationery telling your customers how much you value them.
  8. Send cards: Customers may expect a card during the Winter holidays, but they may be surprised to get one on “Get To Know Your Customers Day.” This small gesture of appreciation makes your customers feel prized.
  9. Provide customers sneak previews of new products and services: Since “Get To Know Your Customers Day” happens four times a year, use the day to announce upcoming new products and services. Provide specific details, launch dates, and ways the product or service can improve your customers’ lives. By sharing what’s happening in your business, customers feel like an integral part of your business family.
  10. Highlight customer achievements: Spotlight the successes of customers on your social media accounts. By celebrating their milestone events, you can strengthen your relationship with customers.
  11. Share your story with customers: On this special day, tell customers how you started your business. Share with them mistakes you made, how your product or service has evolved, and provide tidbits about what it’s like owning a business. By getting to know you better, you develop a personal connection with customers.
  12. Create a website banner: Tell customers how much they mean to you. The banner will look like a giant billboard on your site’s landing page to display your appreciation and thank-you message.
  13. Conduct free online seminars: Use a mobile app like Periscope to create a live video broadcast to share information about your business. Not only is it the perfect time to educate your customers but to thank them for their patronage.
  14. Invite customers to expos and business fairs: Give your customers information about upcoming small business expos and conferences you plan to attend. By doing so, you let them know you’re serious about succeeding and attend educational events regularly. Some customers may want to tag along.
  15. Host a day in the life of a customer contest: Ask your customers to write a detailed description of how they spend a typical day and how they incorporate your products or services in their routines. Offer a prize like a dinner for two at a favorite restaurant and announce the winner on “Get To Know Your Customers Day.”

You can use these tips on “Get To Know Your Customers Day” and throughout the year to communicate how valuable customers are to you. Happy customers keep your business thriving. When you genuinely care about them, they tell others about you and your awesome products and services.

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