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11 Marketing Strategies for Black Friday

The end-of-year festivities are approaching rather fast. Normally, celebrations, decorations, and hugs would be just around the corner. But this year, things will be different because of COVID-19. Quarantines and restrictions will complicate things.

That doesn’t mean you can’t launch your best offers, discounts, and promotions during Black Friday.

Black Friday is synonymous with purchases, customers, and increased transactions for retailers. In previous years, sales of up to 3.34 billion dollars have been recorded for this special holiday. Take advantage of this holiday and increase the revenue of your business.

Therefore, ‘tis the season to use marketing strategies to make this season’s sale a success.

Keep reading to find the best marketing strategies for Black Friday!

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11 incredible marketing strategies for Black Friday

If your store is allowed to open, bring the holiday spirit to your decorations. If you haven’t been allowed to reopen yet, take the amazing advantage online sales can give you.

There are several marketing strategies you can use to boost your sales during Black Friday: 

  • Contact your most loyal customers

Following the Pareto Principle, 20% of your customers generate 80% of your sales. So why not reward those loyal customers and give them Black-Friday exclusive offers, prizes loyalty, and private showrooms? 

A great way to contact your most loyal customers and offer them exclusive deals is with a newsletter. Newsletters are an amazing marketing tool that can help you increase your sales.

Remember that if you keep your customers happy, they will recommend you with their friends and family.

  • Create high expectations

Let your customers know that you will have special promotions during this festivity. We recommend using social networks for this.

Reveal what promotions, discounts, codes, coupons, and products, you’ll have. But don’t do it all at once, start teasing your followers to generate interest and curiosity.

This will also help your customers learn about new products or services and start planning their purchases. 

You can even get paid ads (on Facebook or Google) to reach an even wider audience. That could only mean more customers and more sales for you!

It’s always a good idea to calculate the ROI of any type of marketing you invest in, that way you’ll know if it’s worth it!

  • Use social networks

Before, during, and after Black Friday, you must use social networks to promote your sale: 

📱 Upload photos

📱 Promote your new products

📱 Talk about the benefits of acquiring your services

📱 Shares your store’s schedule

📱 Gift electronic coupons

📱 Answer questions that your customers might have 

Social networks are an amazing showcase for your brand because it makes it closer to the user, you can show how your products fit in the customer’s lifestyle, and they can help you offer better customer support. 

  • Decorate!

It is important that your store, whether physical or online, reflects a festive spirit. Redecorate to attract customers and let them know that you have a Black Friday sale:

🎈 Put up themed posters 

🎊 Advertise all of your offers

🎈 Modify your shop windows and make them attractive, bright, and tidy

🎊 Your store must communicate joy and festivity

🎈 Create contests or and hourly promotions

🎊 You can use guerrilla marketing

  • Create a memorable shopping experience

Whether you have a physical store or your point of sale is an eCommerce, you need to generate an amazing experience for your customers.

If your selling point is physical: 

🏬Make sure you follow COVID regulations to keep your employees and customers safe

🏬Try to have clean aisles and entrances that allow for a proper people flow

🏬 Display your products with good lighting 

🏬Have a nice and friendly atmosphere 

🏬 Your employees must be well trained and knowledgeable about the products and services offered, plus they need to be aware and master all the Black Friday promotions

🏬 Have special coupons and discounts 

If you have an online store:

💻Make sure the site is easy-to-use 

💻 The site must have an easy-to-understand structure, with enough information and a nice design

💻 Make sure that the site’s search engines work properly

💻 If you can show what the available existence of each product is, don’t hesitate to show it, this will help clients a lot

💻 Offer different shipping options

💻 Show your delivery and return policies clearly

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to offer a memorable shopping experience. 

  • Payment facilities

Do you accept credit and debit cards? Do you have offers or discounts? Define what payment methods or what financing options you offer. If you don’t accept cards yet, you can still get a card processor just in time for Black Friday!

Do not forget to put up posters with all of your payment options and promotions so that customers know that they should buy from your store. If you have an eCommerce, put up banners informing your customers of the financing options you are offering.

  • Offer contactless payments

And talking about card processors…

In the age of COVID, helping your customers feel safe should be your utmost priority (most certainly, customers will make it their priority to shop at safe spaces). The pandemic has shown how risky it can be to touch surfaces that everyone else has been in contact with.

One way to ensure the safety of your customers (and your employees) is offering contacless payments. As futuristic as this sounds, they are something that was having its boom even before coronavirus hit. There are many contactless technologies you can use in your business to have an advantage over the competition.

  • Online logistics

Remember that after-sales service is a very important part of the customer’s experience. If you have an eCommerce, your delivery options are an integral part of your brand (whether you directly manage the logistics or subcontract it).

To make sure that you minimize any setbacks or incidents, make sure that the clients know exactly how many days it will take for products to arrive. This will guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. 

  • Segment your public

When it comes to marketing, it’s always very helpful to know who your customers are. Why is this important? Well, you can’t market the same way to a 55-year-old woman than to a 16-year-old teenager, right?

In order to market successfully, it is important to identify: 

🧔 who are customers are (gender, age, where they live, etc.)

👴 how they buy out products (online or at a store)

👩‍🦰 what method of payment they use

👵when do they buy

If you divide your customers you’ll be able to create more accurate marketing strategies targeted at each group. You’ll also be able to improve your sales.

This is known as segmentation.

If you know exactly which segment of the population your products are aimed towards, you can do much more specific marketing campaigns that will mean more sales. 

    • Remarketing

    Remarketing is a bit of a complex marketing strategy, but when used correctly it can skyrocket your sales.

    The idea behind remarketing is the following: imagine one of your clients loves buying with you, but they only buy a specific type of product. If you have this information, you’ll be able to market (or remarket) those types of products to this specific person. This also works for people that are not yet your customers but are interested in certain products you sell.

    For example, have you ever googled a certain product, let’s say, a laptop, and the next day you start seeing online ads about laptops everywhere? Well, that’s remarketing.

    You can make the most of your website and track the behavior of your visitors. If you know the products that each person has looked up, you can offer them a personalized coupon or discount so they buy those products they’re interested in. 

    This will be a great way to convert leads into paying customers during Black Friday.

    • Multichannel strategy

    Multichannel? That sounds complex, right?

    Well, it’s not really! It just means that you should not limit yourself to a single strategy. You can use as many marketing strategies as you like at the same time: 

    📱 Social networking

    📧 Mailing (remember to customize each mail to add an extra value)

    🖥️ Articles on your blog

    💻 Promotions on your website

    💵 Paid advertising

    🛍️ Coupons

    😄 And everything you can think of!

    Use all the means you can think of to advertise all your products, services, and discounts for Black Friday. 

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    A curious fact about why this celebration is known as “Black Friday” is because bookkeepers in stores stop using red ink (deficit), but instead they use black (surplus). 

    Succeed this Black Friday

    All these marketing strategies will be very useful for this holiday season. Just like you, we are very interested in your business growing and succeeding. I am sure that this Black Friday you will have amazing sales and wonderful results. 

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