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10 Creative Business Cards Ideas

“Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression -with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.”

Natalie Massenet


Even if you may think business cards are things from the past in the smartphone era, these old-fashioned resources still have an important role in a businessperson’s daily routine.

Sharing a business card is faster, more comfortable and easier than copying a name, phone, and email to a smartphone’s address book. Potential customers or providers can have you in their mind if your business card causes them a good impression.

If you are wondering what can be done to improve your business card or to design a new one, in this article we will share some business cards ideas with you.

10 Creative Business Cards Ideas

We are sharing with you some business cards ideas: feel free to adapt or combine them at your own discretion to design the business cards that will make your first impression a lasting one:

1. The classic approach

A serious business card must reflect the spirit of the business it represents, there are some businesses that are better represented with only the necessary information, classic typography and no images. Simple and effective.

2. Get creative with typography

If your business doesn’t match the category above (or if you feel like making a difference), you can always change the typography for a more creative, modern, fancy or bold. It all depends on what you want to express and the impression you want to give.

3. Add some color

If you are still unhappy with the result and you feel you need a bit of color, do not hesitate to add it.

You can try using your corporate colors in the paper or inks. You could even go as far as using color psychology and using a color that’ll help transmit certain emotions to your customers. For example, you can transmit trustworthiness with a soft blue paper.

There are lots of articles about colors and emotions, so you’ll only need a quick research to know what color you’ll use.

4. Add an image

An image is worth more than just a thousand words. Feel free to add your own photo if your image is relevant to your job (like representatives, commercial agents or media related people). Your company’s logo could be a great addition too. If you’re a photographer, you could show off some of your best shots.

5. Texture, metallic ink and embossing

You think an image wouldn’t work for you but you still want something appealing? You can try with some metallic ink. Or what about embossed printing? That could give your business card a boost.

Or why not both?

6. Play with shapes

There is no law that enforces card size or shape (as far as we know there’s no Business Cards Police), you can make it bigger than they usually are, or smaller. Play with the shape: why can’t you have a circular shaped card when own a pizzeria?

Just make sure your card is easy to store in a wallet or a card holder when you play with size and shape.

7. Try with some interaction

Having your customer interact in any way with the card can help stick your brand in his brain. It can be anything, from a placeholder for the date, to a connect-the-dots that reveals your logo or a drawing they can finish.

8. How about some cut-outs on your card?

We want your customer to remember you from the get go. We are visual creatures, and if you have some cut-outs on your card (let’s say your initial or logo), this might have a nice effect on your customer.

9. Other materials

Who said paper should be the only material we can use in business cards? You can use cardboard, or a material related to your work: if you design and make clothing, try printing your business card on a piece of fabric.

10. Objects

If you feel regular cards will end up in the trash bin, then don’t go for a regular one. How about some branded samples instead of a business card? You can give a free sample of your product with your information printed on it. If you sell stationery and supplies, you could print your info on an eraser or a pen.

We are already on the 21st Century, go the extra mile and don’t just provide the basic info on the business card. It’s not just about business cards ideas, but having the right content.

  • You can make a portfolio or an appealing web page demonstrating your work or services. If your domain is easily written, add it to your business card. If it’s long and complicated, use an URL shortener.
  • Some of the best business cards ideas have a QR or BIDI code. These small square shaped images work barcodes and will redirect to a website. Any modern smartphone can read these codes with its camera without needing to type anything.
  • Social networks are very important for business development nowadays, many companies have brands with an online presence. Share the link to your professional profile (Linkedin, Upwork, or even Facebook) on your business card.

Business cards ideas mean more than just paper

With these creative business cards ideas, you are ready to start developing what will be a successful sales or marketing strategy.

As the owner of a business, you need to set objectives, a plan to reach those objectives and a budget to help you follow your plan. Don’t forget to add business cards ideas as a marketing tool to your budget.

After all, as a business owner you not only need to offer the best product or service in your area, you also need to let all your potential customers know you are there to help them.

But what if once you have a clear plan, you notice you need some financial support to make it a reality? Maybe you decided on one of our creative business cards ideas because you know that they will work wonders, but you realize you need extra cash to pay for them.

If this is the case, a business loan might be what you are needing.

If you have a clear idea of what you want and what you want, and you’re ready to start printing all the business cards ideas above, then it’s your time to apply for a small business loan.

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